Korea has exquisite hand skills that international patients prefer
when the treatment requires high-levels of medical skills and
so regardless of the East and the West, it is booming Korea’s
‘Hair Loss Treatment’ and ‘Obesity Treatment’.

Dr. Hwang’s Hair Hair, Hair Transplantation Center / Dr. Sung-Joo, Hwang
 - Board of Governors of ISHRS (The International Society of
   Hair Restoration Surgery)
 - Board of Directors of ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration
   Surgery), the first domestic director (2006)
 - Platinum Follicle Award (2006): This is for the best doctor
   who had influenced in the research of Hair Transplantation in the world.
 - Transplantation of 20 million hairs for 15 years

One of most important factors to be looking younger is having rich hair.
Dr. Hwang’s hair transplantation surgery enables to do ordinary daily
activities 2 days after the transplantation surgery and only 2 more
outpatient visits are required so it is a recommendable surgery method for
the international patients.

Why hesitating? Pain?
If I had known it is nothing serious, I should have done it earlier……  
Hair loss patients try many methods and eventually choose hair transplantation surgery. The majority groups of patients visit the clinic by word of mouth by patients who were satisfied with the transplantation or almost dragged by their wives. Having pain would be an issue but I perform 3rd anesthetic level, still under anesthesia during the transplantation surgery so that it can be called a surgery without pain. Most patients who were worried about the surgery say, after the surgery, ‘If I had known it is nothing serious, I should have done it earlier.’

Who is the best doctor in hair transplantation field?  
Listen carefully what patients want and do the best with caring heart
First of all, when patients visit, listen carefully what patients want and even if patients desperately want the transplantation, the doctor has to say ‘It is not a right treatment for you.’ when the prognosis is expected bad. I think doctors telling the right criteria and prognosis are the best doctors in this field.
Moreover, do not settle for the present surgery and consult. Doctors always try to improve ill-being and inconvenience. For instance, a patient who had a surgery could complaint something or has a side effect. If the doctor is the right surgeon, he or she tries to do the best to improve these problems.
Lastly, best doctors should not keep the surgery methods in secret. I published hair transplantation textbooks. I think we always share the prevention of side effects and good-prognostic cases.

Considerable factors to choose hospitals?  
Wide surgery experiences are important
Hospitals with wide experiences, only specialized in hair problems, separately specialized hair follicle system and at least 4 surgery cases in a week are recommendable. There could be some side effects having a transplantation surgery by inexperienced doctors so thorough consideration will be very important.

Memorable patients?  
Leukemic patient who was transplanted her sister’s hairs
Most memorable patient was a leukemic patient. It was impossible to transplant hairs because of chemotherapy but she got a bone-marrow transplantation by her sister and after she had a hair transplantation surgery which was the first domestic case of transplanting hairs to a leukemic patient so it is the most memorable. And also the well-known basketball player Ki-Bum Han and famous marathon runner Bong-Joo Lee who always needed a hair band because of sweats from forehead are also memorable. Moreover, a young actress had a wide forehead had transplantation and she got a leading cast in TV drama. It was so rewarding. Otherwise she could not have got a main role.Otherwise she could not have got a main role.