Korea has exquisite hand skills that international patients prefer 
when the treatment requires high-levels of medical skills and 
so regardless of the East and the West, it is booming Korea’s 
​‘Hair Loss Treatment’ and ‘Obesity Treatment’.
Dr. Park Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jae Woo, Park 
 - Advisory doctor, The Indonesia Plastic Surgery Association
 - Exchange doctor, Indiana University
 - Exchange doctor, Perdue University 

What is an effective method to remove the fat on stomach of
busy middle-aged men?

If they have not much time, laser liposuction is recommendable. Few scars will be noticeable and side effects are low because we use very thin needles. The current trend is customized for patients using Accusculp Laser, Waterjet, High Frequency Wave and etc and tightening device is used during the procedure that improves the elasticity of skin.

How about safety?
The global keeps an eye on Korea
Accusculp Laser was approved by FDA in USA and CE in EU. It has been used
7 years since in Korea. I almost primarily started this method and I have lectures
30 times a year and many international medical staffs from all over the world
come and visit Korea to learn Accusculp and there are a few doctors who can teach Accusculp in the world.

Pain – depending on effort and skills
If there is no much bleeding, the pain is minor and so when having a procedure,
it needs to take an enough time for each patient and do it step by step to reduce the side effects. It requires a lot of effort and I do not overly schedule in a day.

What should we consider when we choose liposuction?
Create the body When a patient opts for a hospital or clinic, doctor’s consult is
the most important. You need to choose a doctor with wide experiences. 

Last comment
We perform a surgery expecting the future
It is memorable patients who had a revision-surgery. They have wounds and scars followed by wrong surgeries. It is necessary to expect the future and then patients can have a good surgery result so we take an enough time for a doctor’s consult. In a case of international patients, it takes 1 to 1.5 hours.