Dr. Lee moon-won has a principle of finding a cause of hair loss before treating patients with alopecia, not just prescribing medication to inhibit certain hormones 
“Our clinic provides a full range of services, starting from treatment and examination to care and hair design”, he said.

What motived you to start treating patients with alopecia at Korean medicine clinic 
Actually I wasn’t interested in alopecia around 2002. 
One day, one of the patients whom I prescribed medicine for backache told me her hair sprouted.
Around that time another patient also told me his hair sprouted,
so I compared their prescribed drugs and found out something in common between them. That made me think I could use it for alopecia treatment, and decide to study alopecia in graduate school,
which I was about to enter.
Fortunately, I had great study results and I have used them for patients until now.

What is the different between LEE MOON WON and western medicine?
The biggest difference is ingredients of medicines. We have treated patients with oriental medicine or extract. And another difference is that we try to find a fundamental cause and treat patients with alopecia radically. In case of men’s alopecia, specific male hormone causes hair loss. Western medicine clinics treat patients with the medicine suppressing hormone regardless of the cause of alopecia. But we always think about a cause of hair loss for treatment
And in case of women’s alopecia, western medicine clinics have not been able to find an effective medicine for alopecia but we have one.

You told me you have found a cause of hair loss for treatment. I think there are a lot of causes. Would you tell me some of them?
All the causes of alopecia have not been identified. But I can find a few common causes of hair loss such as mental and physical exhaustion, undue stress, imbalance of the function of our body, and malnutrition from dieting
And another cause is that our immune system malfunctions and cells around the hair follicles destroy themselves
We treat patients with suitable medicines against each symptom of alopecia.

Is there any difference in a treatment period and curative influence between oriental medicine and western medicine? 
Actually, I don’t think the treatment period of alopecia in oriental medicine is different from western medicine’s, but the period can be different depending on the case of alopecia. 
But in case of men’s alopecia, the western medicine for alopecia just works in patients while they take the medicine. So if they want to keep the hair, they have to take the medicine all their lives.
On the contrary, oriental medicine works longer but it’s not forever, it depends on how much you will take care of yourself so we can say that this case has a greater advantage in terms of longer efficacy.

I was told that Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic has developed the products for alopecia and used them for treatment, Would you like to be more specific? 
We use the products I have developed by myself. So we treat patients with the products orally taken, applied to their scalps, and injected into their scalps.
And we have Head Spa that patients lie down on the bed to relax like skin treatments. We have a lot of method to treat the patients with alopecia as well as moxa, needle.

The media request an interview for Head Spa you told me during our interview.
Head Spa is the therapy patients can get treated more comfortably.
Actually, modern people are stressed out and tensing up so we were thinking about the way to treat patients with relaxation.
Our staff or I apply some medicine on the patients’ scalps while the patients lie down on the bed, which is the reason the press pays attention to our Head Spa.
Especially, foreigners want to be treated with relaxation as we get skin treatment in a resort. I think these are the factors to attract their attention.
In case of alopecia, I thought main patients are almost men, but I heard the number of women’s and children’s alopecia is increasing
Actually, people think main patients with alopecia are men but a ratio of men to women is 60:40, indicating it’s a similar rate.

It’s easy to lose their hair allowing for their life style: they are very stressed out working and dieting. And they are worried about appearance so they are more active in getting treatment.
In case of children, they are also worried about their hair loss because competition at school is cutthroat.
When I started this hospital, men were main patients with alopecia, but now the ratio of women and children patient with alopecia has been increasing.

Would you give me a tip of self-treatment of scalp? 
Actually, I have several pieces advice for patients with alopecia. First of all, they have to sleep well and often comb their hair
Traditionally, Koreans are interested in hair. One of the ways to manage their hair well is to often comb their hair
Often combing is to manage hair well and help blood circulate.
My last advice is you have to often drink water. Drinking water reduces stress hormone and calm yourself down.
Drinking water is to make us calm down and relax as well to speed up metabolism.

Would you like to make the last comment or tell us about any plan to run your clinic?
I have a catchphrase since I started running our clinic: all about hair, all about alopecia.
The patients who have concerns over scalp, hair as well as alopecia try to resolve that problems through a visit to a hair salon or self-therapy. But Lee Moon Won Oriental clinic presents a method for patients to combine traditional and modern treatments. So we run a hair salon using our own products I developed to make the hair well as well as alopecia and we have commercialized the products to let the patients use it much easier.