He is the best breast cancer researcher in Korea and is a doctor who deeply sympathizes patients heartbreaking. Especially, He listens to the emotional feelings of the patients.
We would like to introduce him across the world, whom always tries to communicate with his patients and cares for their emotions.

Let’s listen to the breast cancer information from Dr. Noh,
Seoul National University Hospital.

Breast Cancer Expert 
M.D. Dong-Young Noh, SNUH
* President of Cancer Hospital, Seoul National University Hospital
* Professor of Department of Surgery, Breast Care Cancer
  1975-1981 M.D., College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  1982-1986 M.S. and Ph.D. of Medical Science, Dept. of Biochemistry, 
  Graduate School, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  1998-present Member of the American Society of Breast Disease
  2000-present Board member of the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation

A doctor who treats emotional problems
The most fundamental treatment for a breast cancer is a surgical procedure. When the removal of cancer tissues of the breast and the lymph nodes is completed, it is said that patients are completely healed.
If a patient inevitably has a total mastectomy, flap reconstruction and breast implants, a cancer-plasty, are performed. The numbers of those procedures are increasing and it is a result from an increase in the desire of the quality of life and in the positive cosmetic result.
‘The surgery cases in the breast center, SNUH are 1,800 per year and Dr. Noh performs 600 cases. The current treatment level of a breast cancer is ahead of the USA, resulting in the 5-year survival rate of 91.9% and 89.2% respectively.

'A doctor who listens to what breast cancer patients’ hearts are truly saying
The majority of patients think they have lost femininity after the surgery and feel empty and depressed.
Breast specialists deal with women so I think we need to deeply understand women. Each patient is asking for a help but patients should be able to be noticed that ‘That doctor is really understanding me and is willing to give me a help.’ by their physicians.
I have tried to have as many activities as possible with my patients. These efforts give them a belief that I truly trust and care for them. I think surgeons need to be patient and to have a caring heart.

I start the day answering the Q&A on the Venus Beast Cancer Community Website. The Q&A numbers are now about 3.8 million. This is now being researched a case study of ‘Online Communication with Doctors and Cancer Patients’ by John’s Hopkins, Public Health.
Pioneer Dr. Noh being a salient role attempting new projects such as establishing associations and foundations and researching studies
Korea’s first surgeon rewarded by Wunsch Medical Award 2011, one of the most internationally authoritative medical awards

The medical service of focal patients
The cancer center has been 3 years and it was a little late start compared to the other hospitals. We do not compete against other hospitals with the size of buildings. We pursue effectiveness and suggest a new paradigm. The important thing is not the size but the effectiveness of focal patients. From the point of view of the patients, they are desperate to have a faster and better treatment.
The main characteristic of the cancer center is a short hospital-stay system. It minimizes the length of hospital stay and the waiting time of admission and we provide the medical service of focal patients with one-day consultations and examinations, which patients can resolve as many hospital workups as possible during one visit.

Cancer hospital singing for a ‘HOPE’
I was involved in from the beginning of the design for the cancer center.
Then I wanted to build it up not to feel and look like a hospital so we exhibit various art pieces and sculptures, hold music concerts and have a garden in the outside terrace.
The garden called ‘Happy Garden’ located on the 6th floor of the building that is patients’ and visitors’ favorite rest spot has various types of plants and overlooks ‘Changgyeonggung’ one of the Korea’s traditional palaces. Once you visit ‘THERE’, you would feel ‘WOW’. 
Hospitals should be reliable, comfortable and manageable. Seoul National University Hospital has lead cancer treatments and will be keeping developing anti-cancer drugs and new therapeutic technology through topnotch consultations and researches to make a hospital give a ‘HOPE’ to any cancer patients.  
In addition, the importance of support system for cancer patients and their families is growing so we try to consider their emotional side as well.
The numbers of the accumulated patients were 1.11 million and the numbers of the surgery cases recorded 12,500 in the cancer center, SNUH in 2013.
SNUH pursues the globalization of cancer treatments through constant video conferences with the affiliated Harvard Medical School, MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital).

If a breast cancer is early detected and have a progressive treatment, it can be conquered
If a breast cancer is early detected, the length of the treatment gets shorter and the success rate is higher. For this purpose, all women over 20 years old need to self-examination and find out any abnormalities through regular check-ups.
Regular breast check-ups with breast self-examination help early detection of a breast cancer.


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