There is a saying that goes: ”you believe you will not change much as you get older.” For example, Thorax, Spine, Upper extremity or Lower extremity and so on, don’t a little all right. But we tend to take for granted. Also, arthritis mainly occurs in people occurs the age of 65. However many middle-aged patients are increased who suffering from arthritis. The joint is the most use part of the human body, but people neglected own joints. NAMKISE Spine& joint Hospital tells about various stories on joint/spinal diseases.


Dr.Nam Ki-se

1. What means name of “Namkise hospital”, have any special significance?
At one point, the local hospitals in neighborhoods have been disappearing, being replaced by large-scale franchises hospital. People try to treatment at franchises hospital too much. They don’t matter the doctor who took care of patient. So the problem of polarization actually got worse. Among those, the reason I used my name “Nam Ki-Se” is because I hope build hospital with a conscience on principle, honest and skill. In my life, i am always lived with warm heart and did not ashamed. So to my name, make good hospital where have both ability and kind.

2. What do you think is the cause of the disease?
Because of by increasing life expectancies, geriatric diseases take possession of modern medical science.
According to that, occurs a degenerative disease. Mostly may see more age inflammation of the knee joint or lumbar disc disease. In case of septuagenarian, has degenerative inflammation of a joint, and spinal canal stenosis. What one has to look at is the how long people live is important, but we needs to look at how we live the lives we have. In other words, people are more concerned with the quality of life nowadays. So increase patient who want customized treatment.

3. Who suffer from knee pain, what do you recommend?
Recently artificial joint surgery is well developed. As the satisfaction to surgery, start gaining interest in artificial joint surgery. In the initial phase to Korea, people concern to complication or side effect. But lately quality of the artificial joint, develop surgery skill. So mostly are satisfied to surgery result. Our competent skillful doctors are specialized in artificial joint surgery. We operate at least 350 times of one year, and until now 7000times over. The first artificial joint surgery is relatively easy. After first operation, after several a few years reoperation has a high level of difficulty. But we are confident about reoperation. We have know-how in this area that few companies can math.

4. I heard occasionally medical team come for skill refresher course, which program do you run?
Today, our hospital provides refresher courses on artificial joint. In the old days, our conduct research course of two month in Seoul ASAN Medical center. Also we are well prepared to education program for domestic and foreign medical team. Go through the prescribed formalities, we provide educational opportunities to other operation.

5. I’d like you to let me know your goals in the future.
By ‘medical optimal treatment’ rather than ‘medical proper treatment’, we will do ‘properly treated treatment’.
My ultimate dream is builds up reputable hospital where have been 25 members of specialists and outfitted with more than 200-bed hospital. In addition we are fulfils the superior skill to artificial joint surgery.
Lastly dare I say, we hope if somebody recalls specialist stay orthopedics in Seoul city, NANKISE hospital took the first one.