People who want to receive cosmetic surgery hope to become
‘someone else’ who is better than now 
by investing their
own money. They focused on visible dramatic changes
in the past, whereas at present, the biggest issue is how
‘naturally’ they can be changed. There is a hospital which puts
medical and service quality first to maintain the ‘natural beauty’
for customers. Let’s meet Yun Seongjae, director of Leaders Dermatology to talk about various themes such as facial
expression, wrinkle, etc to maintain naturalness. 


Yun Seongjae, Director of Leaders Dermatology

Leaders Dermatology is known as premium one.
Could you tell me about your hospital?

Leaders Dermatology is a dermatology specialized hospital that has held nine domestic branches and four foreign ones in total since its opening in 2001. 
This hospital was selected as dermatologist training hospital and also acknowledged as leading group who shows the leading and advanced future of dermatology procedure in the treatment of dermatology, for example, stem cell procedure for beauty treatment and patient-specific skin care system using genetic code interpreter. It also has a group of world's top 0.01% medical team in the field of nonsurgical cosmetics such as filler, botox, and thread-lifting.

Do you have differentiated technology? 
Recently, people tend to prefer nonsurgical cosmetic therapy to surgical one.
It is as if they were moving from becoming 'someone else' to creating "one's own best beauty." We are providing advanced medical care contents such as adult stem cell-based beauty treatment and customer-specific genetic skin care system that can add to regeneration ability while avoiding ethical problems. Above all, this hospital has a system that the director of this hospital is responsible for treatment and surgical procedure and so is unlike the recent hospital development model moving toward profit maximization. Our goal lies in patient customer satisfaction.

Do you have any surgical procedure that'd become an issue in terms of dermatology? 
Dermatology is literally varied in terms of treatment enough to include all from head to toe. Among which, the recent trend is that patient customer's needs is changing from "surgical operation" to "nonsurgical one." People valued the "change" itself in the past, whereas quite recently, the focus is on how "naturally" they can be changed. So in line with this trend, we started to provide customer-specific 3 mix total contour procedure a few years ago. It is a solution that makes people more beautiful because nonsurgical procedure reduces swelling and downtime and makes it possible to return to daily life and even makes the surgical procedure less visible.

It there a habit to form wrinkles? And is there a way to improve this? 
As people get older, they acquire wrinkles naturally. Botox and filler, and quite recently, biological autologous fat are used to improve the wrinkles. However, removing unnatural and not-looking-good wrinkles only rather than eliminating all the wrinkles completely is more appropriate for cosmetic procedure. The purpose of removing wrinkles lies not in removing all wrinkles and making facial impression unnatural but in removing not-good wrinkles only and making more natural and beautiful impression. 
So if you usually frown, are upset, or keep your lips tight, form a habit of smiling. 
If you repeat this (mouth muscle exercise lifting the corner of one's mouth) steadily, you can make a much softer impression.

When, and how would be better to start skin care? 
It is difficult to say when and how exactly because it is so subjective and there is a personal difference. However, like a famous saying, "a stitch in time saves nine,"
it is better to start skin care as early as possible. If you start the entire skin treatment and procedure including pigmentation, elastic wrinkle, and hair loss in earlier days, you can save cost and increase effects.

CEOs should take care of skin and facial expression in outside meeting and many other parts. What kinds of surgical procedure can you recommend? 
Particularly in the winter, skin damage is largely due to a dry climate. Moisture in the air is reduced and it is natural to turn on a heater due to cold. Inside the car and indoor are all easily become dry. In a word, the winter season is the drought of skin. Management and procedure to maintain moisture in the skin is important. Leaders Dermatology is offering basic moisturizing management, water shine procedure to replenish the skin, and 'Re: 10 Lift' developed independently by Leader Dermatology to help skin health that might be damaged in the winter.

What kinds of service is Leaders Dermatology providing foreign patients? 

There are many foreigners who are coming from China, Russia, CIS states
(old Russian Federation), and Southeast Asia 3 to 4 hour away via flight from Korea. In particular, VIPs in each region are visiting us a lot. So we are hiring a coordinator for each language and preparing to provide prestige service to those who visit us. If requested, we are also providing airport pick-up service, domestic tour service in association with the hospital, and translation service within the hospital. We are also establishing an overseas network with the top hospital in each region of the foreign countries as mentioned above.

Can you tell me about the hospital's future goal?
Like now, we are going to try to be no. 1 in Korea in the field of dermatology treatment, procedure, and service and also trying to become a hospital and medical staff who can inform the world people of the excellence of Korean medical care beyond Asian region.