Obesity was called Western illnesses, currently it’s be a common disease at Korea.  Once upon a time, Fat is regarded as a symbol of wealth, but obesity is gradually perceived as a disease in modern society. Actually obesity correlates with increased risk for hypertension and stroke.  Busy modern man even though they know that’s seriousness, but easily lose weight is too hard.  365mc obesity clinic tells about various stories on treat obesity.


Lee Seonho, the Head of Division in 365mc obesity clinic

1. If the weight is high, unconditional obesity? What is called ‘thin obesity’?
Obesity is excessive accumulation of fat on a human condition. So if weight is high due to muscular development is not obesity. The other way weight is too low but if there are many fat, can be call ‘thin obesity’. In this case is not right diet, just weight loss of hunger. They will be caused by muscle loss, basal metabolic rate is falling. They can gain back all the weight lost.

2. Middle-aged men worry to abdominal obesity, what is safe and effective way to treat abdominal obesity?
Men tend to put on weight in middle age. For middle-aged men worry to abdominal obesity, we will recommend liposuction surgery and LAMS. It’s safe and effective way. If you want dramatic effect, recommend liposuction. And if you are too busy, we recommend LAMS.
You can think “is it totally OK for men to liposuction?” Actually who come to our clinic men is more and more rise. In 2015, as many as 31percent increased compared to 2013. We expected to increase.  As well as liposuction, men worry to ‘gynecomastia’. We will propose a solution.

3. What is LAMS?
LAMS  is new evolution of obesity treatment. LAMS’s spell is Local Anesthetic Minimal-invasive lipoSuction. For customers who want to have effects but afraid of liposuction 365mc, present new evolution of Obesity Treatment, LAMS which developed by 365mc self. It’s certain effects like liposuction and easy and quick like non-surgical treatment. It’s only 30min. This is a new type of obesity treatment method that integrated strong points of liposuction and non-surgical treatment with powerful know-how techniques of 365mc. process are five steps. Steps are Tunneling, Extracting fat, Dissolving Surrounding, Extracting Dissolved Fat and Cycle. Cycle is once a month.

4. What kinds of service is 365mc clinic providing to foreign patients?
80% of the patients who visit this hospital are from china. The Hospital provides translation service of English, and Chinese. And has a separate treatment room for an individual foreign patient to respect patient’s privacy. It provides information through SNS and continuously manages patient’s health through mail or mobile messenger.

5. What’s the reason the 365mc called a kind hospital?
There’s a reason for to call me chief director. Because he has been holding a position of the chief director of 365mc welfare foundation which was founded with the representative of directors since 2011. The welfare foundation was founded with the medical teams of it donation, and now it is playing a key role in contributing to society. All members of 365mc agree to “Contributing have to be processed on a level with medical practice”, and they’ve tried to contribute to create a better society with the kind hospital.
The best example of the social activities 365mc has done.
- ‘The wishing house’ which is facility for the elderly having no place to turn. Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongbuk, Korea
- ‘The memorial forest’ for Japanese military sexual slavery
- Construction support for the Philippines education and welfare center
- The contribution campaign with NGOs (Good neighbors/Community chest of Korea/World vision etc.)