Recently, spinal diseases have rapidly increased compared to 20 to 30 years ago. The 70 to 80 % of spinal diseases are degenerative diseases and it is approved in many researches that most of spinal diseases are disc herniation and spinal stenosis and 70% of acute disc herniation is spontaneously cured. Due to aging and increasing elderly population, spinal diseases are expected to skyrocket. We interviewed a spinal neurosurgeon expert, Dr. Keun-Su, Kim, Spinal Hospital, Gangnam Severance Hospital and got very useful information
about the spinal disease

Koh Wooseok, M.D. Director
 - JMO Dermatology
 - Graduated from Seoul National University Collage of Medicine
 - Graduated from Master of Science,
   Seolul National University Collage of Medicine
 - Internship & Dermatology Residency, Seoul Univercity Hospital

I’ve heard that your clinic performsonly Laser hair removal and
is specialized in it. Tell us effective treatment.

First of all, we use the most effective hair removal machine.
Some people are searching for only the most new ones but they don’t ensure the most effectiveness. Many machines had been manufactured and the price
had gone down, it resulted lowering effectiveness of new machines. 
And we have treatmentprinciples. First of all, the most important thing is to
prevent any missing areas. As a second, the level of lights should be controlled.  
The third is the selection of the appropriate laser wavelength. Forth one is
pulse duration. Fifth is there needs to be a period of time between
laser hair removal treatments during a course. As a last, cooling device
protects your skin and it offers optimal treatment with minimal side effects.
Therefore we always set the all treatment room’s temperature around
20 degree particularly for patients skin.

While this treatment is most popular amongst women, even men are starting to see the benefits of laser hair removal these days. Which areas do they decide most?
Chest hair removal is the most popular for men in our clinic and facial hairremoval is
the next.It is widely accepted that most woman don’t like men with lots of body hair. Chest hair is not a symbol of masculinity anymore. (Laugh). These days men may want to improve appearance as clean shaven men are more physically attractive than hairy, bearded men.

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s hair removal?
It’s not about men and women, but the thickness of hair. Some women may have thick hair and hair removal for thick hair is a bit more complicated. So they should consult experienced dermatologists to achieve hair removal. 

I’ve heard that your clinic has refund policy for facial beard removal. Is permanent hair removal possible? 
My definition of the term ‘permanent hair removal’ is that 80% of hair no longer grows hair once you complete6 times of treatments.The first machine approved for laser hair removal was in 1996 and 1- 20% of the hair were permanently removed with a treatment. It was brilliant. Treatments were repeated 5 to 6 times separatelyand it brought 80 - 90 % of the permanent hair removal. We started refund policy 4 years ago. It is my principle for the appropriate treatment that
I would refund the money if there is no effectiveness.
If you are not confident about your treatment, this isn’t easy for you I think.

I’ve heard that many medical teams overseas such as America visit you to learn.
You may know hair removal is developed in America or Europe. They may have wanted to learn more considering that they would spend time coming here.
I suppose there are few clinics where only hair removal is performed,
over 10 years, and above all, my experiences of treatment may have
attracted them. I still keep researching for optimizing the treatments and
purchasing qualified new machines and use them regardless of profit of my clinic.

Is there any particular reason that you have been performing only hair removal treatment over the last 10 years?
I thought this is an industry people would not be interested in eventually and many doctors would turn away to avoid small income and being patient for the treatments. So I decided to be specialized in hair removal and I thought if I keep on working on it for about ten years, I can be only one doctor who performs hair removal.
My plan was so simple from the beginning like this, “the treatments performed
only by myself will be beneficial for me”. But I never knew that
it could be so hard like now (laugh).

Who is your themost memorable patient?
I had a patient sitting in a wheelchair. He said he had searched for the best clinic for hair removal and finally found my clinic and wanted to have the treatment for facial hair. I ask him for the reason why he would want to get them removed, and he said his mother always shave for him as he has cerebral palsy. When she was over 70 years old, she hadtremor of the hands and he got small cuts while she was shaving. Actually he wanted shave everyday so he looks smooth and tidy because he didn’t want to be embarrassed by excessive facial hair with his condition related to cerebral palsy. I felt he needs this treatment than anyone else. So I did the treatment for him for free and after that, I also performed the treatment for free for other patients with cerebral palsy.

It sounds really meaningful. Please say a word to people who consider hair removal. 
It is important to take photographs of treated areas before and after your procedure to evaluate improvement.Because you don’t remember how many hairs you had on the area.