If a skin clock goes faster due to wrong habits in your everyday lives, skin disease might appear. This is called as artificial aging.” It is not treated well even if you get treatment at a dermatologist.

In this case, you should focus on preventing good skin from being deteriorated without causing any skin diseases rather than on easing symptoms. Let’s talk about how to make a healthy skin with Hwang Eunju, Director of The 3.0 Dermatology.

Dr.Hwang Eunju

1.What does ‘The 3.0 Dermatology’ mean? Is it the 3rd generation dermatology?
The perspective on skin treatment has evolved into three stages until now: from the 1.0 generation who just followed others if they said that they prefer, the 2.0 generation who searched more information comprehensively with the aim of relieving and treating skin symptoms, to the 3.0 generation who tried to find fundamental causes of skin problems and prevent them.
The 3.0 Dermatology is using various therapeutical methods that are good for improving the reproducibility of the inside and outside of a skin comprehensively by figuring out the fundamental causes of skin problems including skin trouble resulted from acne or aging, in order to become the department of dermatology that can take the lead in the 3.0 generation.

2.Does artificial aging mean that it is an aging that I bring upon myself?
We all have good skin from birth. And the skin naturally becomes aging over time.
However, we sometimes make our good skin into a problematic one due to wrong living and eating habits and indiscriminate use of cosmetics. As a skin clock gets faster due to wrong habits, skin problems might appear although they wouldn’t have appeared if well managed. This causes “artificial aging.” There is a common cause why freckle, aging, acne, and others become worse. It is the very reason that the skin becomes thinner. As the skin becomes thinner, it becomes dry, it becomes sensitive, and at some time, sebum secretion increases and freckle comes out. Conversely, good skin is thick and fine. It is bright and shiny. Our body has a stronger power than any other cosmetics, drugs, or treatments. The power of our body is safe because our body exerts its power.

3.Could you please tell me about how to slow down or prevent the progression of artificial aging?
There will be many ways, but I will take threes that we can find easily as an example.
First, it is a start of proper case. You should know your skin exactly. Usually, many people say that their skin is oily or dry. It is often wrong. Let’s take an example. Even if your skin is deemed as oily, you lack moisture and so your skin type is dry skin. Even if your skin is deemed as dry, you may have an oily skin partially. The first thing to do is know your skin as exactly as possible. Discuss with your dermatologist!  You need to know your skin well.

Second, it is a selection of right cosmetics. Don’t use anything whenever you think it soft.
One of the wrong habits among people is the standards for cosmetics. When people select cosmetics, their first priority is how soft it is, how moisturized it is, or if there are any stickiness.
Your standards should be : which ingredient? what percentage? how good the ingredient is? You need to take a careful look at if the cosmetics you are going to select would be helpful for your skin health rather than just advertising or price.

Third, it is a right habit for your skin. Don’t remove dead skin cell.
Korean women tend to think that dead skin cell must be removed. They remove dead skin cell too much. But, this is a wrong common sense. The skin tissue will be destructed and the luster will also be gone. Moreover, sebum will be produced a lot and your pore will be enlarged and your skin changes to a skin with freckles coming out quite often. This is why excessive removal of dead skin cell is not good for maintaining a healthy skin.

4.Could you tell me about the habits that might affect skin?
Changing your way of washing your face is much better for your skin than using ten hydrating creams. If you do not wash bodily wastes off, you may have a lot of trouble on your skin. So many people wash their face more carefully. This is why they prefer foamy products with good detergency. You might have felt ‘tighter skin’ after washing your face. But this is not a matter of your skin, but a matter of your cleanser that you are using. You are mistaken about it so far. Use a strong cleanser and anyone would have a tighter skin. If you feel that your skin is dry even when you use a hydrating cream, you should change your cleanser. Don’t apply your strength too much when you wash your face, but instead, rub lightly.

5.I’d like to know your future goal at this hospital.
I believe that changing one person’s skin is changing his/her life.
The 3.0 Dermatology’s wish is to give help for people to succeed in life with this saying full of confidence, “Everyone can have an inborn good skin.” We are helping almost all people to maintain their skin health by themselves. We developed cosmetics with similar effects to a laser in order to provide ‘something necessary.’ We are distributing “Annaji PDT,” uneatable acne medicine at home and abroad. We are also planning to have many chain stores so that more people can visit The 3.0 Dermatology : ten (10) chain stores at home and over fifty (50) chain stores overseas. 
The 3.0 Dermatology would like to become a family doctor specialized in the field of well-aging of skin who is responsible for both skin care and skin health by making a lot of efforts in the future as well.