Autumn is in the air. Reddening maples and yellow ginkgo leaves are fascinating people in the university campus. The good doctor that I met this time is a professor who had felt the spirit of Changgyeonggung and the ardor of the youth in university campus in person.
He is finding problems in patients through brainwave study and analysis of Korean people and making and studying healing process in combination with complementary and integrative medicine. I met professor Gang  Seungwan in College of Nursing, Seoul National University who has gentlemen's dignity as much as passion for academic study and treatment. 


 Professor Gang Seungwan in College of Nursing, Seoul National University 

You are a doctor majored in modern medicine and also known to the public as specialist in integrative medicine. And I know that you established a Wellness CareVenture while operating a government-designated brainwave data center. How did you come to involve in these various fields? 
To prevent and overcome various diseases in both mind and body that modern people suffer from, mind and body-integrated medical approach to have an insight into and care the problems occurring in both mind and body is necessary and scientific means to support this is also required. Brain wave is a very useful biosignal for understanding the status and functions of brain. There were not enough mechanical analysis techniques in the past and so any abnormality in brainwave had to be read with eyes. For this reason, the technique was very limitedly used for diagnosing epilepsy or sleep disorder, but now quantifiable analysis technique called as QEEG and many brainwave database for healthy people have been established and from this, valuable information on brain health, which could not be obtained from interview, observation, or MRI could be obtained.
In this era of advanced medical care, healing, wellness, and natural healing are receiving more attention from people. What do you think the reason is? Is healing associated with your brainwave field that you are studying? ​
In fact, modern medicine has many weak points although it may look like highly developed. Modern people have a longer average life span, but gradually suffer from more chronic diseases at earlier times. Modern people immunocompromised as well as having chronic diseases are very vulnerable to resistant bacteria to antibiotics and novel viral mutation related infectious diseases. This reveals the fundamental limitations of modern medicine that segmentalized human bodies too unspiritually without understanding the intrinsic properties of life and now many citizens are feeling it and beginning to look for alternatives. For the recent ten years, various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, Parkinson's disease, dementia, anddepression have continuously been increasing and in particular, domestic childhood cancer increased about 10% for the past ten years and atopy, precocious puberty, ADHD, and other children and adolescent diseases increased incomparably from the past.
Could you please tell me about brainwave data center and projects you are doing in more detail? How can brainwave be used in health care? Can it be helpful for overseas patients as well as domestic patients? 
Thefinal diagnosis according to classification of diseases can be greatly helpful for understanding the diagnoses including learning disability, developmental disorder, ADHD, autism, memory deterioration, dementia, stress, depression, and anxiety and individual difference in patterns, from the premise that is made by a doctor. From therapeutic aspects, neurobiofeedback that trains to control brainwave by oneself, brain stimulation therapy that uses current or magnetic field into brainwave, and brainwave induction therapy that uses light or sound have been developed to overcome side effects of medication
There is a flood of information on complementary and integrative medicine and natural healing in the market. What do you pursue as integrative medicine and why do you think it is needed, and how will it be applied to patient treatment? ​
When I was an undergraduate student in College of Medicine, Seoul National University, I felt that the paradigm of modern medicine has limitations and to overcomeit, has walked long journeys. I established the foundation for modern clinical medicine while majoring in family medicine and pain medicine and learned both theory and practice of various natural healings and complementary and alternative therapy domestic and overseas while acquiring master’s and doctor’s degree in alternative medicine and east-west medicine. In theend, I understood that humans are a composite body of body, mind, and spirit who can enjoy a healthy life under interaction with natural ecosystem only and that recovering the balance and harmony with nature is a true way to healing.
Could you please tell me more about ‘thebium’ project that you are doing? 
I started to operate “thebium” a program for lifestyle of Korean people 4/5 of the entire population living in a city can live an ecological life and have a well-balanced mind even in a city. It is very helpful for recovering nutritional imbalance of a body through good foods, healing the wound inside and trauma through realization, and preventing and overcoming any diseases once nature-friendly life habits are recovered.