Right now summer started. All the black asphalt roads capture tons of heat and we're going to be trying to lower the temperature. If there is significant temperature difference between indoor air and outdoor air, you are more likely get a cold due to your by your broken body rhythms. So people try to find their balance by eating healthy food. Actually detox is one of the natural diets to detoxify your body from toxins, regain vitality and balance your energy. We have met Dr. Raeyoung Kim, representative doctor of Designhani Korean medicine Apgujeong branch who will explain easily about detox for us.

What does ‘Designhani’ ean and what kind of hospital is?

Designhani stands for Design Korean medicine in English. The word ‘Design (simplified Chinese: 大慈仁)’ is composed of 3 Chinese characters respectively signifying ‘big’, ‘love’ and ‘benevolent’, and the Korean word for ‘Design’ s 대자인. Our value is design your body & mind and the concept of beauty is balance between inner and outer health. We realize detox that achieves optimal health to your inner body and appearance without breaking down balance of the body unlike other treatments. So, our detox programs find out long-standing habits, slow the anti-aging process and alleviate acute stress for you to bring your own beauty back.  

Can you tell us about detoxification, and
the features of your detox programs?

To put it simply, detox (short for detoxification) is the process of eliminating toxins from the body. After meals, waste products are accumulated in the body from internal body combustion. A waste product of metabolism diffuses out to be eliminated from your body even if you live in non polluting environment. The wastes are not harmful and also emitted easily. But it causes infection in body cells from stressful thoughts and the production of toxins. Generally, toxins can cause problems such as tiredness, lethargy and headaches and hyperlipidemia and cholesterol in the blood. 
Our detox programs combine Korean medicine and Ayurvedamedicine in India with the creative. It removes toxins inner body and enhances vitality so it can make the progress for better health, beauty and happiness. It includes relaxing program such as herbal therapy for stress and doesn’t promote yo yo effect with healthy eating. So it is definitely healthier diet program with effects on blood circulation and waste emission.

Can you specify age group for your detox program? 
Most patients are twenties but we do have women, who experience their own menopause stage between their mid-forties and their mid-fifties. They do exerciseregularly and eat less due to poor blood circulation so the effect through diet is not beneficial. That’s why many women start detox program for their diet but they aim to body cleansing eventually. On the other hand, male patients who smoke and drink have fatigue and look for detox programs.

Actually summer is starting to set in so how can we boost our energy?
I’d love to recommend medicine named Gongjindan for those who have cumulative fatigue related to weaken immune system. It treats dizziness, headaches, chronic fatigue, menstrual irregularity, etc. The main ingredient is Sa-Hyang (Musk) and it is quite expensive so the price depends on the content used in the medicine. I actually make the patients my own medicine at the hospital to provide them with qualified ones after checking them by myself. Moreover, I also show them the making progress to build up trust between patients and our hospital. When the patients are not available to visit our hospital, I take photographs of the making scenes and send them online.

Where do your international patients come from and
how they can join this detox program?

We do have many patients from China. Chinese Medicine doctors also visit our hospital not only for the detox programs but also medical training for thread embedding therapy. International patients have their own purpose for a visit to the hospital and if loosing weight is their top priority, they can join the program for 7 days. We provide medicines with patients to enable them to have it even at accommodation without need of coming to hospital and À La Carte for detox plan. If you follow the rules during the program, you will lose weight and detox your body.

Please tell us Design Korean medicine’s goal.
Some cases are not treated by conventional western medicine in America, Europe, etc. and alternative medicines are used instead of conventional (standard) ones. And the use of alternative treatment along with conventional medicine continues andit is considered complementary therapy. I think Korean medicine should exist as its value is higher. And there is no cure for some disease such as atopic dermatitis and allergies in modern medicine but Korean medicine has cured some cases of them. I hope that I can enlarge our facilities and combine traditional forms of Korean and Western medicine.