Blood accounts for about 8% of human body weight. Normally, the various kinds of blood cells and constituents of plasma maintain an optimum functional balance and when this balance is upset, it can be a cause of serious illness. Nobody can be against aging but we can aim for healthy aging with better blood circulation. They are so correlated because of the blood’s influence on collagen production, oxygen distribution and detoxification. Today, We are going to talk about a Therapy to Remove Harmful Substances from Blood with Choi Moon-seop, President, Director of Grace Plastic surgery.

Choi Moon-seop
(Plastic surgery specialist)
  • - Currently the Chief Doctor of Grace plastic surgery & skin
  • - Board of plastic surgery, Catholic University, medical college
  • - Advisory board, Seoul St’ Mary hospital
  • - Attending professor, Seoul St’ Mary hospital
  • - Advertising executive of the Korean Association of clinical surgeons
  • - Member of the Korean Association of clinical surgeons
  • - Member of the Korean society for Aesthetic plastic surgery
  • - Member of the Korean Association of Clinical Plastic Surgeons
  • - Member of the IPRAS (International Confederation of Plastic
  • - Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)
  • - Member of expert group for eyes & nose
  • - Member of expert group for Breast surgery
  • - Member of expert group for Botox & Filler
  • - Former director of Sun-Tec medical center, Shanghai, China
  • - Former director of cosmetic surgery, Shanghai Pu-mei, China
  • - Former department director of Gimcheon Jeil hospital
  • - Clinic training, Gubota, Japan

 What is Blood Purification?

Blood has very important roles to our body. For example, it supplies oxygen, discharges carbon dioxide, and supplies nutrient to our body. But as we get older, cholesterol and neutral fat inside the blood vessel are stacked and the functions become weaker. As these symptoms show, our body’s blood circulation will have an obstacle. Blood purification is a procedure which eliminates cholesterol and neutral fat from the blood by filtering twice with purification equipment and inserting clean blood back to the body. It’s safe drawing and giving blood through vein not artery, very slowly for 3 or 4 hours. Also, while it decreases LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) level which has larger particle, the level of HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) is maintained that it’s different from Hemodialysis.

 What improvements can we expect out of the blood purification? 

 It can prevent various illnesses by reducing the cholesterol inside the blood vessel and neutral fat. Especially it’s effective in making the blood circulation and metabolism smooth. With good blood circulation to the tip of the body, hands and feet become warmer than before and there is a report saying men’s impotence also could be improved. Some patients said their tips of nose and hands a little itchy for a while.

What equipment do you have for blood purification?

The equipment is made in Japan by AsahiKASEI medical and it’s passed customs entry with permission from Korean Food and Drugs Administration. It has been managed well to maintain its function. The equipment is the most developed technique and also already proofed well, so University hospitals and clinics are currently using the equipment.

 Who could be candidates?

 People who drink, smoke a lot with unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, someone who are under stress with a load of work like 40’s and 50’s business men feeling vital function fall or having impotence and sexual dysfunction. They usually have bad blood circulation with a high cholesterol level and they can feel a lot lighter after the procedure that it could motivate them to take care of themselves than before

 What are the differences between the procedures which is similar with blood purification?  

 The similar procedure is held at some clinics. The most know procedure is called “Euphoton” and this procedure only inserts some oxygen to the blood, which is cheap and finished shortly. But it gives no dramatic blood purification improvement while the blood purification method of “blood plasma exchange” can show you how sticky blood comes out of the body and smooth and runny one, filtered twice, goes back into the body. This could be said it is the actual blood purification. Blood purification which is held directly in our clinic is different with other ones only inserting oxygen.

 Is there any damage to the body or aftereffect 

Patients will have a various tests with their blood and consultation with the specialist doctor before the blood purification. The blood purification has been listed a lot on medical magazines and already proofed with its safety and improvements. Also it is processed by strict standard from the specialist doctors. But I recommend you not to undergo this too often having three months of recovery period. We have emergency medical team and professionals standing by 24/7 and you can just relax yourself during the process. After one hour taking rest from the procedure, you can get straight back to your normal life. From the data and the figures from the result of the check up, you may compare the level of T. Cholesterol, LDL-Cholesterol, triglyceride, and SGOT, SGPT before and after the procedure. Normally, twice a year taking procedure is common but it depends on the individual involved.