If you think of hospitals, the first thing coming up in your head is
that they are scary and you feel painful even you think about having
any kind of examinations such as injection, blood sampling and etc.
So we inform you ‘A Doctor’ who thinks hospitals should not be
just for simple cancer cares but no pain, no anxiety and no fear and
makes a final goal of ‘Personalized Precision Medicine’.

Now we listen to the medical information about ‘Lung Cancer’ from
Dr. Young-Mog, Shim, Samsung Medical Center, South Korea. Cut into
‘DEATH’ from your life and Bring a ‘NEW LIFE’ into your life 

– The LEGEND of thoracic & cardiovascular surgery Specialist of
lung & esophageal cancer

Dr. Young mog, Shim 
Samsung Medical Center, South Korea
Samsung Medical Center / The director of Cancer Hospital
(A professional of SungKyunkwan University School of Medicine)
Seoul National University College of Medicine
Visiting physician; MD Anderson cancer center
Visiting Professor; UNC Chapel Hill, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital
Specialty of lung and esophagus surgery

International competitiveness with other countries
South Korea’s medical technology is well acknowledged internationally. However, the treatments of illnesses need a lot more than doctors’ direct treatments. Samsung Medical Center has over 1,200 surgery cases aiming for full recovery in
a year. It cannot be done even in USA. Doctor’s consult and surgery volumes
are incredible and 5-year survival rates are over 78% in an early stage of
lung cancer. Moreover multidisciplinary cancer management including
prevention, consults, treatment, education, research and rehabilitation is
well settled. We provide cancer patients and their families with the
information and various integrated education programs such as music,
art and laughter therapy for free to improve the quality of their life,
to prevent from recurrence and to encourage education and rehabilitation.
‘Supportive Care Center’ provides ‘Comprehensive Cancer Treatment’
to relieve the physical and mental agony of cancer patients’ families,
anxiety and fear and to improve their health, quality of life and progress for
a fast return to society, aiming ‘Holistic Integrated Cancer Care’ to
improve the quality of patients’ life

Personalized Precision Medicine
Samsung Medical Center (SMC) does surgeries using thoracoscope over 60%.
It does not mean that fewer incisions make best surgeries. The more important thing is whether or not the surgery is based on the right procedure. For example, How to a surgeon removes the lymph nodes and how clean the lymph nodes get removed.
For a lung cancer surgery, the result is very important. The most effective and convenient treatment plan should be considered to reduce possible complications or problems. When we use medication, ‘Personalized Precision Medicine’ is applied. Now, we research patients’ genetic level, appreciate the difference of each individual and goes to the next therapy. Furthermore, each patient’s own history is considered for the precise treatment.
Cancer Healing Center and Cancer Education Center are needed for the same reason. Cancer patients go there and tell the staffs what and how they feel and the centers provide many different programs. The staffs should give a guideline to those with vague uneasiness.
In the circumstances of increase in domestic and international cancer patients, it is important to build up a proper structure to provide high quality services.

No Pain! No Anxiety!
I think hospitals should not be just for simple cancer cares but no pain, no anxiety and no fear. When you are in a hospital, you experience pain. Having an injection and blood sampling make you scared. If patients feel agony beyond pain, we should think about the system which can take their agony away. We must not give patients pain. There should be a way. I mainly think about the way on patients’ side. It is also for international patients.

True dedication to patients
I think the qualification of surgeons have been told self-sacrifice. Being a doctor has been changed to having a professional job, so now unilateral sacrifice cannot be completely accepted but still, fundamental sacrifice is needed. 
Surgeons need to be knowledgeable. The fate of patients is not determined in a theater but which doctor the patients opt for. We plan in a right direction for them and as a matter of that fact, SMC has a multidisciplinary team.
In a book ‘Group Genius’, the group is genius not an individual. To solve a problem, even if I am outstanding, it makes a remarkable result when ordinary people who can think others would be better than me gather and have constant discussions.