The number of cases quickly rose in the summer, with many patients seeking out medical care at hospital. That’s what an anus disease. Anus Disease should be treated at the very beginning. To resolve this, Daehang clinic tells about various stories.

Could you briefly tell us about Dae-Hang hospital?
Founded 26 years ago, Daehang hospital is fully accredited and certified, and has been officially designated by the Department of Health and Welfare as a specialist hospital for colorectal disease.
Daehang hospital offers advanced high tech medical services in the field of colorectal surgery. Our innovative care methodology and state of the art equipment provide maximum patient satisfaction. Our program is committed to serving the needs of our international patients by delivering exceptional health care services.

As the summer wore on, saw a rise in people who suffered from anal disease. What’s the cause? 
Very hot weather affects how patients. The biggest reason for the anal disease is excessive dieting before summer vacation. If you cut down on your food to lose weight, be occurs constipation. Constipation occurs when there is not enough movement of intestines.
Especially in the holiday season, due to people eat more meat (like a pork or chicken) feces are small and hard.  Hard feces are not good for the anus. Because of when we had a bowel movement needs intense pressure.

Recently anal fistula occurs in many celebrities. What are the symptoms and a preventive means of anal fistula? 
An anorectal abscess is a collection of pus found near the anus that is released from infected glands just inside the anus. An anal fistula is the tunnel that forms under the skin and connects a previously clogged infected anal gland in which the abscess arose to an opening on the skin around the anus.

Anal fistula is more prevalent in women than in men. Pressure of The sphincter muscle of the anus is more highly. And due to men’s anal structural reasons, so the risk of bacterial contamination is higher.

Keeping a healthy Bowel habit is not an easy task. You should not spend longer than five minutes in the bathroom. Add more fiber to your diet in order to ease constipation. And Kegel exercise will help you.

Doctors of the world come up at Daehang hospitals. What special skills of your hospital?
Yes, with endoscopic submucosal resection, cancerous polyps can be difficult to identify, may allow cancer to spread, and is associated with higher recurrence rates. Thus, total dissection is recommended. ESD is an advanced therapeutic endoscopic technique for the diagnosis and treatment of early stage colorectal cancer in early stage. In ESD, a solution is injected under the mucosal tissue causing the cancerous mucosal lesions to bulge out from the surrounding mucosal tissue so that they may be removed.

In May 2007, ESD, a endoscopic colorectal cancer therapy, was introduced at Daehang hospital. Daehang Hospital has now performed over 1,700 ESD procedures, the most in Korea. In April 2009, a 14 cm polyp was successfully removed from a patient. Daehang hospital has been recognized as the best colorectal clinic in Korea by both Korean and international societies.

I extend my sincerest congratulation to be a president of The Korean society of colo-proctology, Can I get a comment, please?
The Korean society of colo-proctology is has history and scale. In 2006, by play a leading role, guard peoples’ health. I think needs to grow not only in quantity but in quality. We  hope you like the new look of us. Thank you.