The time has come for you to pay more attention to your skin due to dry winter weather. But there is another thing that needs to be managed as much as your skin. It’s the very hair. The cold and dry wind makes your scalp sensitive, which worsens hair loss. More and more men are receiving treatment about hair implant and hair loss and due to increasing stress, even women or young generation are showing symptoms of hair loss. I’ve met Hwang Jeongwook, the representative hospital director of MOJELIM HAIR SURGERY, referred to as the blue ocean of cosmetic surgery.  

Dr. Hwang Jeongwook
- Representative
  Director, Hwang Jeong Wook
  MOJELIM Hair Surgery

Could you tell me about the types of hair loss? 
The causes of hair loss are environmental factor and genetic factor. In case of environmental factor, hair falls out due to wrong eating habits, excessive dieting, stress, and so on, hair loss is temporary, and if its causes are solved, it gradually gets better. 
In case of genetic factor, however, hair loss appears in both men and women and gradually spreads more widely. 
In men, hair loss is mostly in forehead and crown of head, and in women, hair loss proceeds around the crown of head. Quite recently, hair loss is increasing even in people in their 20s to 30s. Early discovery of hair loss is important above all.

What procedures are people using the most recently? 
In the past, many people wanted to get a hair transplant in the holidays or vacation because they worried about swelling and pain. 
In recent years, however, swelling is minimized and pain is reduced, which enables enjoying a daily life the followingday after surgery. 
In particular, nocut collection, among MOJELIM’s nocut hair transplant methods, is very popular with those who want to have an operation while working for a company or attending a school because hair transplant is possible withouttonsure. Also, there are many women who worry about their high or wide forehead although it’s not hair loss. Accordingly, MOJELIM is giving intensive care for making a pretty forehead by establishing a treatment center for women only and organizing a medical team for women only. Recently, many people are visiting us thanks to the popularity of MOJELIM’s own dual forehead reduction, which proceeds operation for both reducing forehead and making a pretty hair line.

People say that hair loss is severe especially in winter. Is it true?
In winter, your scalp may be sensitive due to cold and dry winds. Also, the male hormone that causes male pattern hair lossis secreted more, which worsens symptoms of hair loss. In terms of hair growth cycle, there is more hair in resting phase in spring or summer than in winter. For thisreason, you will feel that your hair falls out more than usual in winter. 
This hair loss caused by environmental factorsis naturally recovered over time. However, you have to suspect that you have a genetic hair loss if you feel that your hair continues to fall out or becomes thin.

Is hair transplant or hair loss treatment a permanent surgery? 
You will find there is no one who has no hair in the head. No matter how your hair loss proceeds, hair in the back of the head remains. This portion is not affectedby hair loss. Hair transplant is a procedure of collecting hair from such unaffected portion and transplanting the hair into the target portion. Once hair is transplanted, the hair does notfall out and grows permanently. But, unless hair loss is treated, hair loss continues to proceed and even after hair transplant, untransplanted hair may fall out by the influence of hair loss.

What kinds of foreign patients are visiting you? 
Currently, our country’s hair treatment gets ahead of other countries’in drug treatment, semi-permanent or tattoo treatment, and scalp care as well as hair transplant. So many foreign patients are visiting our hospital to get a hair treatment. In particular, Chinese and Japanese patients are visiting us the most, and quite recently, Middle East and Southeast Asia patientsare gradually increasing. MOJERIM gives teleconsulting to patients before they visit us and so you can get a consulting anytime, anywhere. Also, as we have exclusive employees speaking English, Chinese, or Japanese, one on one dedicated care is possible from hospitalization to discharge. Besides, even after discharge, we are responsible for continuous management of any complaints or therapeutic progress or any inquiries.

If you have any simple method for preventing hair loss, please let me know. 
Hair is compared to tree and scalp to earth. Like trees grow well on a healthy ground, our scalp should be healthy to make a healthy hair grow. To make hair grow well, it is better to have a balanced eating habit and use shampoo suitable for scalp. Also, these days when there is more fine dust, it is better to wash scalp and hair carefully after going out. A simple scalp massage after shampoo stimulates scalp, which is helpful for blood circulation.

Could you tell me about your future goal? 
Hair transplant is the blue ocean of cosmetic surgery. Our goal is to become a global hospital by targeting foreign markets with the world’s top competitiveness in hair transplant and MOJELIM HAIR SURGERY’s own know-how. As a matter of fact, MOJELIM is doing many activities in foreign markets.As part of exporting medical technology, MOJELIM is providing training on hair transplant for medical teams overseas.