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Hair Transplantation

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Hair Transplantation Surgery
- Unique surgical technique of Gangnam Yonsei
Microscopic separation of hair follicle Double-handed hair transplantation PRP hair transplantation Mega session & Maxi session
 Microscopic separation of hair follicles
This method was initially implemented by Dr. Limmer and others in 1984.
At that time, a brand new chapter of hair transplantation surgery has been started after traditional Micrograft or Minigraft which is a transplantation method without a conception of hair follicle.

Advantages of Microscopic Separation of Hair Follicles

 1. It helps obtain more yields of hair follicles comparing
     to the traditional method (separation with the unaided eye).

 2. Since the separation of hair follicles is performed in 20x magnification,
     the survival rate of hair follicles after surgery is very high.

 3. Hair growth after surgery is very good as there is almost no damage
     to the hair follicle.

 4. Even the hair follicles of grey hair can be separated as
     they can be observed via microscope.

 5. In the case of only one hair follicle, it is able to remove
     the hiding hair follicle.
 Mega session & Maxi session
For westerners, average number of follicular units are 5,000-6,000 to be transplanted while for Asians, the average hair number is 8,000 and
4,000 by follicular units.

In fact, the maximum hair amount that can be transplanted at the first surgery
is 5,000-6,000 and it is able to operate additional 2,000 at the second surgery.

 Double-handed hair transplantation
Definition of “double-handed hair transplantation” 
As most doctors are right-handed, right hand is used during the hair transplant on the left side of scalp and eye brow.
However, it is not well synchronized with the left sided hair direction and angle, therefore it is more ergonomically natural to implement transplantation
with left hand on the left side.
Double-handed hair transplantation means implementation on the right side with right hand, on the left side with left hand and double hands on the part
of patient’s hair
Advantages of double-handed hair transplantation
 1.Easier to get the hair direction and angles
 2.Natural look
 3.Reduction of operating hour
 Double-handed vs One-handed

 PRP Hair Transplantation
According to the academic journal such as Uebel, etc., hair follicles dipped into the PRP solution shows 15% increase of survival rate comparing to the original method. Gangnam Yonsei Hair Transplantation Center tries its best to maximize its survival rate by using PRP solution to all kinds of hair transplantation surgeries.

 operation information
Operating hour : approximately 5-6 hours according to the amount
                             of hair transplant

Hospitalization : The very day
Cautions : Shampooing and disinfection treatment the next day of surgery



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