Flat nose surgery

Flat nose surgery

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Procedure time
Removal of stitches The second week
Outpatient treatment
Recovery time Total 6 months (swelling 1 month)
Flat nose surgery (Nasal Augmentation) ?

A saddle nose tends to make the face appear bigger. Nasal augmentation in turn can make the face look smaller and bring the face being stereoscopic from being flat. And a wide nose become narrow and sharp following surgery. Saddle nose is characterized by flat nasal bone between eyes, and the bulbous tip, wide nostrils, and tip upturned.    

There are different implants
for nose augmentation in Semin.
Silicon Surgiform Allederm
 - It is suitable
   for think skin of nose.
 - It is cost-effective.
 - It is easy to remove.
 - It is suitable for
   thin skin 
of nose.
 - It is expensive
 - It maintains its original
form compare to Gore Tex.
 - It is donated human
  skin tissue after being
  processed for grafting
  by tissue banks.
 - It is safe.  
 - It eliminates the
  process of harvestin
  body cartilage.

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Flat nose surgery