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V line for square jaw – Quick V line

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QUICK V Line jaw reduction ?

In case that angular jaw line is not severe and chin looks round and wide,
it creates natural change by trimming side jaws to be shaped V lined.
Side jaws resection minimized surgery time and recovery period.    
If angularity is not that severe,
Long curve resection is not necessary
▶ Face look wide but angular jaw line is not severe
▶ Face still look big even after having jaw reduction surgery
▶ Smaller and slenderer face line from front view 
▶ Faster recovery period
▶ Chin is wide and blunt

The procedure is almost similar
but QUICK V Line jaw reduction leaves posterior mandible. 
In case that angular jaw line is not severe, it creates V shaped jaw line.  

Absence of sharp edge of the jaw bone
T ostectomy requires trimming the edge
of the jaw bone, but the surgery doesn’t include T ostectomy.
Fixing screws / plates not used 
The surgery doesn’t use fixing screws or plates

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V line for square jaw – Quick V line