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Revision rhinoplasty

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Revision rhinoplasty

After a nose job you can be dissatisfied with several things. The nose shape, implant placement, narrow nose tip, movement of implant, deformation of nose, and infection. Revision rhinoplasty requires more precision than regular nose jobs, and thus requires a highly experienced surgeon. 

 Implant movement
    Implants such as silicone or Goretex  is severely slanted,
    crooked or seen through.
 Structural issue
    Untreated postoperative infection causes the implant area to become stiff
    and contracts causing the skin to be pulled 
▶ A nose transformed due to implant
    Crooked implant causes nose to be transformed and
    the cartilage of the nose tip is seen through. 
▶ Wrong plan 
    Not in balance with the overall facial appearance.
Tthere is a probability of inflammatory response and
transformation if artificial material is used. 
So, autologous tissue is recommended for nose rhinoplasty. 

It is important to preserve skin tissue with limited resection to reduce recovery period and minimize damage of issue for keeping natural shape of the nose. 


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Revision rhinoplasty