Mini V Line + Mini Lifting

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手术时间 v Line (1 hour) + lifting (within 1 hour)
麻醉方法 v Line (general anesthesia) + lifting (sleep anesthesia)
住院治疗 v line (hospitalized on the day of surgery) + lifting (none)
拆线 v Line (2 weeks) + lifting (7 days)
恢复时间 v Line (after 1 week) + lifting (3 ~ 4 days later)
Mini V Line

This is ideal procedure for those who have round chin and the jawline is not strong and angular.
It creates V line shape on lower jaw that goes along naturally up your ears.
 Surgery information Anesthesia: general
Surgery duration: 1 hour
Hospitalization : stay overnight
Stitch removal: 2 weeks after surgery
Recovery period: daily life after 1 week
It operates osteotomy in a ‘T’ shape then removes the middle piece of the bone, then gathers edge of resected chines fastening with a pin and  excise the bone surface’s 
cortical bone for a defined chin line
Minimal open reduction and fastening the tip of the chin minimize skin sagging, nerve damage and recovery period.



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