360° two-jaw surgery

360° two-jaw surgery

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Procedure time 2~3시간
Anesthesia 전신마취
Hospitalization 3일입원
Removal of stitches 2주후
Outpatient treatment
Recovery time 2주후일상생활

​ 360° two-jaw surgery?


A surgery performing “two-jaw surgery” and “one-piece V line” at the same time. It changes angulated and bumpy face into smooth, egg-shaped, small, and cubic face through proper facial contouring such as zygoma reduction, square jaw surgery, V line surgery and chin osteotomy. The goal of the surgery is making a face where all the constituents are harmonizing with proper ratio and location. 


​ DIBA Analysis


Two-jaw surgery considered each patient’s differences by precisely analyzed bone, muscle and skin. This technique is devised by researches of medical team consist of specialists from various departments including plastic surgery, dentistry and orthodontics. DIBA is REGEN’s know-how to deliver a balanced face contour as well as narrow chin.






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360° two-jaw surgery