Bubble UP Sagging breasts

Bubble UP Sagging breasts

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Procedure time 2~3 hours
Anesthesia Sleep anesthesia
Hospitalization No hospitalization
Removal of stitches after 10~14 day
Outpatient treatment 2~3times
Recovery time After 2~3 day

​ What causes sagging breasts?



​ Classifying sagging breasts

When the sagging of breasts is not too severe and the breasts are comparatively small, it is possible to make the size of breasts bigger and correct them at the same time. This method can be useful for making correction of the Class A breast ptosis or slightly more sagged ones than that. 




When the sagging of breasts is beyond Class B, the surgical procedure to fixate the breasts is to have peri-arelar incisions and breast lifting as corrective surgery, or mastopexy procedures.








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Bubble UP Sagging breasts