Ulthera Lifting

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  • Surgery price : KRW 2,600,000

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Procedure time 1 hour
Anesthesia Anesthesia cream
Hospitalization Not required
Removal of stitches Not required
Outpatient treatment Not required
Recovery time Not required
A start-up for Elasticity, Ulthera lifting

Oracle Ulthera is approved by FDA for its safety and Ulthera's ultrasonic imaging device provides great visibility for a dermatologist during the procedure. There is no downtime after Ulthera. Patients can usually expect visible result 90 days after the procedures since it takes up to 30~60 days for collagen to regenerate.


▶ Undefined facial line ▶ Saggy around jaw line ▶ Prefer to non-invasive treatment for natural look ▶ Wrinkles around eyes

Process for the surgery

Consultation with consultant> Consultation with doctor > Preparation for treatment > Treatment after confirming the original seal > Finalization

The features and merit of this operation

Oracle Ulthera is a non-invasive face lifting using high-intensity ultrasound with less pain. 1) Oracle Clinic is an authorized educational institution. 2) No discomfort, No sleeping sedation is needed. (Anesthesia liquid will be sprayed by 30G niddle.) 3) Sleeping sedation with 24/7 anesthesia surgeon is available.


safety and effect FDA admit Customized procedures available overall facial line arrangement by pulling away the skin Possible to treat tiny wrinkles

about the clinic

Oracle Aesthetic Clinic is a Korean franchise from Oracle Skinland of Korea. “Oracle”, which originates from the Greek word meaning “God’s trust”, is the largest networked dermatology, plastic surgery and obesity clinic in the Asia-Pacific. It was founded by Dr. Ro Young Woo, a multi-awarded dermatologist and highly respected pioneer in beauty. Today, Oracle has 80 clinics in the Asia-Pacific (Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Philippines) and continues to grow.

about the doctor

Dr. Young-wo No ㆍdermatologist ㆍMember of Korean Society of Dermatology ㆍMember of Korea Dermatology Association ㆍMember of Korean Laser Society ㆍMember of Korean Society of Skin and Cosmetic Surgery ㆍformer) Director of Oracle Dermatology Apgujeong branch ㆍPresent) director of Oracle Dermatology Chungdam branch

services & cautions

▶ Airport / Hospital / Hotel Pick-up Service (Paid / free of charge with 3 or more purchasers) ▶ Hotel reservation service around the hospital (Free of charge for the reservation service/ Payment in person at the hotel) ▶ Interpretation and Guide (Extra charge for the service) ▶ You can have an appointment with the doctor after payment.

Special story of Fix me up project team

We look for the best hospitals for an operation and monitor each facility’s service, satisfaction, and every case of the customers to ensure that we provide the surgery at the best condition and the lowest cost.

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Ulthera Lifting
Ulthera Lifting