1. The Filler from last injection has run

down under the Chin

2. The Brest surgery.

2.1 There have membrane Stick the

silicone from last time

2.2 Change the silicone 300 cc.

3. Make the Smaller Nipple

4. Armpit turn dark from last surgery

She have done surgery already, and now she want to fix the problem.

She had done follow.

1. Double Eyelid.

2. Nose.

3. Filler in face.

4 Breast.


Hospital Answer

  • JK Plastic surgery
    1. Filler Removal: 1,200,000 KRW

    According to the photos, it is difficult to diagnose your condition accurately. When the face is down, it naturally makes a double chin. If the filler you received is absorable, we can inject a solution to dissolve the leftover filler. If it is the problem of soft tissue, you should receive liposuction.

    2. Breast Revision: 20,000,000 KRW or more

    Since there is no photo attached, again it is hard to diagnose. Depends on your current condition, a revision surgery can be performed. The previous incision can be used to replace the implants.

    - Breast augmentation has various options with different pros and cons to consider. The anatomical or tear dropped shaped implant is the most popular for its naturals shape. For this implant we use a periareola incision and you can expect a quick recovery. If you have not received a breast examination in past two years, you are required to have one and bring the result to proceed the surgery.

    3. Nipple Reduction 2,250,000 - 2,700,000 KRW

    -Excess nipple tissue is removed and reshaped to the ideal size and shape. This procedure is very simple and takes about half an hour. There is less visible scar due to irregular of the nipples. The incision will be around the top and wall of nipple.

    4. Laser Treatment (armpit area): 600,000 KRW

    This laser treatment is effective for reducing loosened or widened pores. Also, it can be very helpful in improving acne scar. After the treatment, there will be dark laser marks and dry skin will fall off naturally. It will take about 5-7 days to go back to your normal skin.

    Please note that, the above recommendation can change after a face-to-face consultation.

    For the procedure, post-operative treatments, and check-ups, you are recommended to stay in Korea for 8 days.

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