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Hospital Answer

  • Hello. this is reply from THE plastic clinic. From her picture, she has eyelid sagging and fine lines around her eyes, so we remmend her to do upper eyelid and lower eyelid surgery. Also, full face lift surgery is recommendable for nasolabial fold and fine lines around eyes. The fee is around 2,300,000 won (korean currency) for upper eyelid, same for lower eyelid, and 12,000,000 won for face lifting. Thank you.

  • JK Plastic surgery
    Dear To Whom it May Concern,

    Thank you for your interest with JK. I hope this email finds you well.
    After review of photos, doctors recommended for the procedures below.

    *SMAS Lift (face + neck) : 15,000,000 KRW
    This is a traditional lifting method using a long incision along your earline to pull up actual sagging tissue deep inside. This method will give the most permanent and defined result, but please keep in mind the scar can be visible in the beginning stage of your recovery. Only eliminating sagging in the neck could give you an unbalanced look, so full lifting in both face and neck is recommended with this in mind.

    *VASER (facial liposuction) : 2,250,000 KRW
    -This is a facial liposuction assisted by ultrasound energy. At JK, we use the specialized ultrasound energy machine called ‘VASER’ to carefully break down facial fats before removing them. Immediately after surgery, the surgical area will feel hardened and irregular. However, as you recover, the surgical area will get softer and slimmer.

    *Lower Blepharoplasty + Lifting : 3,750,000 KRW
    In this procedure the doctor will make incisions right below your lower eyelashes. Using these incisions, bulging fat can be manipulated (removed or repositioned) for a smooth and youthful lower eyelid surface. Any loose skin will also be lifted up and fixed at the lateral corner to bring back elasticity and youthfulness.

    *Sub-brow Excision : 2,400,000 KRW
    This procedure uses incisions along the lower margin of the eyebrows to remove excess sagging skin. This will give you a bright and natural look with minimal scarring. The procedure is suitable for those who want their eyes to be bigger and more youthful.

    For these procedures, we recommend to stay in Korea for at least 8 days including the surgery day.

    *Recommendations on procedures may change during your in-person consultation with the doctor. For revision surgery, there will be additional charges.

    Since last year, JK has started a tax refund program for international patients. Just have your passport when you visit us and you can get approximately 8% of your money back from the total surgery fees.

    Our slogan is “Safety is Non-Negotiable”. We’ve had zero medical accidents for 20 years. We provide a nursing team with 24-hour care, and a full-time anesthesiologist.

    We can also arrange airport pick-up and hotel accommodations at our medical hotel, if you make a reservation and payment.

    Airport Pickup (Incheon ↔ JK / Hotel)
    One way : 100,000 KRW
    Both ways : 200,000KRW

    Hotel Rate
    · Single : 200,000 KRW / night
    · Double : 250,000 KRW / night
    · VIP : 350,000 KRW / night
    * Breakfast and tax included

    Thank you.
    Best regards,
    JK Team

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