As much as cost is an issue, I am faced with a protruding jaw to which I have been advised by my Dentist that with braces, it would mouth would protrude further as I have a lack of bone structure on my cheek. Accompanied by my Asian nose, lack of height on my nose bridge as well as a sizeable alarplasty. My nose has some issues whereby the bridge would be swollen as in the past, I would use those nose secret at a very Long time till I develop bleeding to which I persist. I would like to attain some definitive features that would harmonise with my eyes. Do advice if I would be able to gain some improvement.  

Hospital Answer

  • Hello, thanks for your interest on our clinic.
    Our doctor saw your picture, and there are some procedures to recommend for improvement on your face.

    1. nose surgery + nose bridge
    price : 3,800,000 won (korean currency)

    2. filler for cheek and nasolabial fold
    price : 400,000 won for 1cc (you may need 3-4 cc)

    It's hard to figure out what kinds of malocclusion you have from only your picture.
    if you have any malocclusion or protruding jaw,
    you need brace or straightening of irregular teeth first before surgery as your dentist advised.
    protruding jaw can be fixed by double jaw plastic surgery, but brace is needed before surgery.
    Also, there is limit to know what exact procedures you need only from picture.
    you need face-to face consultation for exact procedures and prices.
    Thank you :)

  • Dream Plastic Surgery
    for your case, we would like to recommend two-jaw surgery and rhinoplasty, but for two-jaw surgery, we first need to accurately diagnose you in person with CT and X-ray scans to see the severeness of the protrusion. If you decide to proceed the surgery, you will also have to combine orthodontics for a period of time before or after the surgery, and this has to be a cooperation with the dentist back in your country too, so the whole process is quite complex.
    The estimated price for two-jaw surgery itself without including orthodontics is about 23,500,000 KRW.
    For rhinoplasty, an open rhinoplasty to elevate your bridge and augment your bulbous tip is recommended, and the estimated price is about 7,000,000~7,500,000 KRW.
    Thanks and take care!

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