I have had two surgeries over the past two years. The first surgery I had for puffy eyes. After the surgery my lower eye lid muscle weakened. I was left with droopy eyes. A year later I had a canthoplasty. It too failed to correct my droppy eyes. I provided pics of my eyes. First pic is me before any surgery. Second pic is of me after first surgery. Third is after second surgery. I need help with restoring my eyes back please.  

Hospital Answer

  • Dream Plastic Surgery
    for your case, we recommend a double eyelid revision to adjust your double eyelid, and a forehead lift to improve saggy skin which has started to pressure your eyes, and also your forehead wrinkles which are formed due to a habit of opening your eyes by using eyebrows instead of eye muscles. The estimated price for a double eyelid revision is about 2,300,000 KRW, and a forehead lift is about 7,000,000 KRW.
    Thanks and take care!

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    Incision + Ptosis correction Revision

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