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1. 문의 내용 : Hope pictures will give me a recommendation of what i need for preventative measures and enhancement for glow and youth to stretch out another 30 years of working happy and comfortable and confident!

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Hospital Answer

  • Dream Plastic Surgery
    상기 환자는 63년생으로 얼굴 전반적으로 노화가 진행되고 있습니다.

    본원은 위 환자분께 이마거상술, 안면거상술, 목 리프팅, 상안검 지방이식, 하안검 성형술을 추천드립니다.

    비용은 대략 34,200,000원입니다.

    원장님 상담 후 비용은 변동될 수 있습니다.



    The patient above was born in 1963, and she is going through an aging process.

    Our hospital recommends forehead lift, mid-face lift, neck-lift, fat injection on upper blepharos, lower blepharoplasty to the patient.

    The approximate price is 34,200,000KRW.

    Price may change after doctor's consultation.

    Thank you.

  • HERSHE Plastic surgery
    This is HERSHE Plastic Surgery & Dermatology and this is Claire, global marketing team of the clinic.
    Thank you very much for your inquiry, below information is rough price quote, please be advised that the estimate cost can slightly vary after the face to face consultation

    Blue rose thread mid face lifting 7000USD
    Blue rose thread lifting will lift the mid face area from jaw line to the temple area with minimal invasive method and the recovery will be much quicker than surgical procedures.

    Fat graft full face except eye area for contouring 3600USD
    Fat graft aims to give volume (based on your request and your facial constitution), overall contour of face. You will have smoother face line.

    Lower blepharoplasty + fat replacement 2800USD

    Due to aging, the under eye area loses skin elasticity and become droopy. This will be fixed by lower blepharoplasty will make even surface of under eye by fat removal and sagging skin correction. The surgery will be very effective for your eyes.
    You can find detailed information from

    Price is inclusive of all pre and post operation examination fee for the surgery including anesthesia, X-ray, CT scan, and after care (swelling and bruises) services. For your best comfort, we also provide door to door pick-up, one to one personal care, and translation service. Please let us know if you require other services. The overall surgery procedure will take about 5days.

    Hope this helps your inquiry. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. For your booking, please reply us back with your available time. We will organize further steps with you. Thank you for choosing HERSHE.

    Best Regards,

    블루로즈 실리프팅 7000usd
    하안검 2800usd
    지방이식 3600usd

    노화로 인한 볼륨감소로 지방이식으로 부족한 볼륨을 채워주고 쳐진 얼굴을 실리프팅으로 올려주는것을 권유, 눈밑 불룩한 지방을 제거하고 재배치해 평평한 눈밑을 만드는것을 추천합니다.

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