Simple, Effective and Safe Cheekbone Reduction developed by Braun.

30-Min Fixed-Malar Reduction

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Procedure time 30minutes
Anesthesia Sleep anesthesia
Hospitalization Discharge the same day
Removal of stitches 5 to 7 days
Outpatient treatment
Recovery time 5 to 7 days
Appropriate for Those Who
- Want to reduce simply the cheek bones
- Worry for general anesthesia
- Have well-developed profile cheek bones comparing
  to the front cheek bones
- Hesitate to go through incision inside the mouth
- Do not have enough post-surgical recovery period
- Want to reduce the high cheek bones positively through simple operation
What is 30-Min Fixed-Malar Reduction?

Simple, Effective and Safe Cheekbone Reduction Method Without the Problems of Unfixed Quick Cheekbone Reduction

Simple Procedure under Sedative Anesthesia Enhanced Safety and Results by Fixation
This groundbreaking method reduces the cheekbone through an incision on the scalp, rather than inside the mouth, in a simple procedure,
fixing the cheekbone with titanium screws and plates enhancing the safety and effectiveness of  the surgery.


How to operate 30-Min Fixed-Malar Reduction
Cut the cheekbone
on the area
before the ear
Refine 45° angle
Cut part
of 45° angle
Push in the cheekbone 
before the ear
by 5 to 8 mm and
fix strongly
The Superiority of 30-Min Fixed-Malar Reduction
Unfixed Malar Reduction VS 30-Min Fixed-Malar Reduction
Unfixed Malar Reduction
No reduction effect on 45° angle cheekbone
No fixation (instead, pushing the bones inwards) 
30-Min Fixed-Malar Reduction
Reduction effect on 45° angle cheekbone
Fixation after rotating and pushing 5-8mm inwards of the cut bones 

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30-Min Fixed-Malar Reduction