Safe facial contouring surgery with pre-surgical 3D examination and analysis!

3 Dimensional V-line

  •  伊美芝整形外科
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手术时间 1hour
麻醉方法 General anesthesia
住院治疗 1 day admission
拆线 Day 14
恢复时间 1 week

Do you truly want to have V-line face?
3D V-line surgery makes the most natural and beautiful facial shape
which needs general analysis on individual’s facial bone condition, muscle,
fat, skin, etc. for harmonious jaw line.

What is long curved square jaw reduction?
Long curved reduction from square jaw behind ears until front chin is a very effective surgical method which prevents secondary angle and double chin.
Image Up’s square jaw reduction does not only reduce the bones, but also consider all various conditions and balance in order to create the most natural and beautiful facial line according to the facial structure for each customer.
Characteristics of Image Up’s facial contouring

Brand new trend of safe facial contouring
ImageUp 3-Dimensional Simulation Surgery
"Much safer with two times of surgeries!"
Before surgery Design After surgery
Precise examination and pre-surgical simulation surgery
after producing 3D facial bone shape
The traditional simulation surgery was not adequate for facial contouring or other surgeries as it was limited by dental bites. However, 3D simulation surgery is able to check the actual post-surgical result by producing 3D facial bone structure with the same actual size and performing pre-surgical simulation based on the customer’s actual 3D CT data.
5 biggest advantages of 3D Simulation Surgery



Before & After