More natural looking than the real ones with our secret line surgical method

Marshmallow water drop breast augmentation

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Procedure time 30minutes
Anesthesia Sleep or General anesthesia
Removal of stitches not needed
Outpatient treatment 3rd time
Recovery time

What is Marshmallow
water drop breast augmentation?
Fulfil your dream of having the perfectly natural shape
like water drop and texture like marshmallow!!

What is different about Water drop breasts?
Real water drop implants make breasts look like water drop forms
from 90 to 115 degrees below the nipple lines.
This water drip breast augmentation which has complemented the weakness of the traditional round shape implants will find you the ideal natural breasts through the golden ratio measurement system.  
Advantages of water drop breast augmentation
1. It makes the natural looking breasts
Normal implants Water drop implants
2. You rarely feel the implants
Comparison between normal and water drop implants

3. Its contents do not leak or spill
Normal implants Water drop implants
4. The chances of capsular contracture are very low
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Marshmallow water drop breast augmentation