Make your skin even brighter and cleaner with the SL Scar treatment therapy independently developed by Ye Clinic!

Acne Scar treatment

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Procedure time Within 4 ~ 5 hours
Removal of stitches
Outpatient treatment
Recovery time
Our Acne Scar treatment
It was successful in extracting the SL109 (natural skin regeneration ingredient) out of medicinal herbs in the autumn of 2008, and consequently SL109 has been successfully implanted under the layer of scar skins.
We are very confident to say that we have the special therapy methods that can cure any type of scar.


Advantage of Ye’s scar treatment
1.  Our creative SL Scar Regeneration therapy to remove the scar

2. Outstanding effect on intractable acne scars

3. Quick scar regeneration
Ye Clinic’s scar therapy is composed of 3 WAYs
( SL109+ Accu-fraxel treatment + scar regeneration medicine)
which will stimulate the area three-dimensionally in order
to achieve such efficient and quick scar regeneration.

Ye Clinic’s scar therapy consists of 5 steps within 3-4 hours
Step 1  In order to generate the best
 scar therapy and medicine effect,
 over 100 holes will be created  within 1 centimeter size per scar
 by Accu-fraxel laser
Step 2  Our herbal scar treatment
 medicine will be permeated into
 the scar
Step 3  A light therapy will be operated
 subsequently in order to alleviate
 the inflammation and to lead
 a rapid scar treatment
Step 4  SL109 (natural herbal ingredient)
 will be transplanted into the scar
Step 5  Remodeling treatment – As the
 final step, this will make the
 granulation tissues as natural as
 the original skin tissue


Special story of Fix me up project team

We look for the best hospitals for an operation and monitor each facility’s service, satisfaction, and every case of the customers to ensure that we provide the surgery at the best condition and the lowest cost.

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Acne Scar treatment