No general anesthesia! Patented laser facial contouring

Laser facial contouring

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What is Laser Facial Contouring?
Patented Good Line’s facial contouring is to be performed without general anesthesia by adding devices such as electric motor saw, easy contour(so called, the minimal cutting method) besides laser with 2940mm of wavelength and CO2 laser.
CO2 laser has as strong beam as Continuous30 which may penetrate through the cheek due to its feature of straight if the laser is used inside the mouth.
For the safe surgery, a reflector is needed which refracts the laser beam towards bones not towards the cheek area.
This reflector which refracts the light safely without any energy loss is our specialized device of Good Line and has been registered on the patent application [No. 10-0758650]
Advantages of Laser Facial Contouring
1. It is safe as general anesthesia is not needed
  It reduces the burden of the patients on anesthesia as laser facial contouring does not need general anesthesia comparing to the traditional surgery.
2. It is accompanied with less pain, bleeding and edema.
  Good Line’s laser facial contouring minimizes bleeding and pain utilizing its characteristics and the cells of the laser helps reduce the edema with quick recovery result.
3. Patented facial contouring
  Laser facial contouring surgery invented by Good Line’s representative head doctor is safe and reliable with its national official patent certificates.

Patents of Laser facial contouring

Objects for Laser facial contouring
Chubby face with fat
around cheeks or chin area
Face with unclear boundary line between neck and
face due to chubby chin
Saggy face after facial contouring surgery / Bimaxillary operation
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Laser facial contouring