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Breast reoperation

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Breast revision surgery at MD hospital?
1  Customized breast revision surgery through accurate
 physical measurement
2  Breast surgery specialty doctor diagnoses the cause 
 of reoperation by ultrasonic waves
3  3 steps for pain management program including intercostal blocks
4  Complete bacteria free system
5  Perfect post operative care
Cause of breast revision surgery
01 capsular contracture
Capsular contracture is caused by various causes including infection,
hematoma formed by bleeding, foreign substances,
insufficient ablation during surgery, negligent care after surgery and constitution.
02 Bulging upper part
The implant is moved upward due to insufficient ablation during the 1st surgery
or negligent care after surgery. 
03 Asymmetrical breasts
As it is impossible for our bodies to be completely symmetrical, a certain degree
of asymmetry exists in breasts in relation to the location or height of nipples,
size of breasts or difference in bone or muscle below the breast tissue.
However, revision surgery becomes essential when the asymmetry is severe and
can be easily noticed. Asymmetry can be presented in relation to shape, size,
height and even texture.
04 Implant burst
This is not common case. Capsular contracture is the main cause of implant damage. The implant bursts when the tight capsula continuously pressurizes the implant.
Also, it can be cause by inexperienced surgeon. 
05 change breast size (smaller / larger)
A majority of patients that receive augmentation mammoplasty regret
the fact that they did not choose larger implants during the surgery.
This is because patients become dissatisfied with the size of their breasts as
they grow accustomed to their breasts over time. To create larger breasts
with good texture, the capsula surrounding the existing implant must be partially
or completely removed to widen the space. On the other hand,
it is relatively easier to replace large implants with smaller ones if the shape
of the breasts does not present any defects.
Examination before surgery
Blood test electrocardiogram (ECG) Digital chest X-ray Digital mammography screening Breast ultrasound examination  



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