HERSHE’S safe non-surgical procedures for Cheeks, forehead, Nasolabial lines, Lower eyes

Bio Fat Grafting

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Fat graft forehead surgery

It adds volume to a flat forehead or the sunken area,
making a clear smooth line from forehead to nose looking classic and younger
Good candidates 

 01  flat forehead

 02  lumpy and uneven forehead

 03  sunken area due to accidents


fat grafting to nasolabial folds

If your deep nasolabial folds cause you to look your mouth protruded or the corners of the nose look sunken, 
fat grafting has an effect of improvement deep lines near mouth and make brighter impression. 
Good candidates 

 01  Deep nasolabial folds

 02  mouth looks protruded due to sunken corners of the nose

 03  Restore a youthful look to an aging face.



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Bio Fat Grafting