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Non-incisional Blepharoplasty with Single knot
This procedure requires only tiny holes made on the upper eyelid.
Surgical thread less than hair-thin is buried into under the skin in a row. 
It leaves no scar
Non-incisional blepharoplasty requires only tiny holes to make and leaves invisible scar which is barely visible over time. 

The line is clear and
durable compared to other Non-incisional procedures.

Surgical thread is buried along the crease in a row and
that makes clear line
from the beginning to end of the crease. 

It is possible to remove fat tissue through tiny holes. 
Today it is possible to remove fat tissue through tiny holes on the eyelid and it doesn’t necessary to incise the skin in order to remove fat tissue which it used to do. 
It allows quick recovery
It is less invasive and creates less damage to the tissue
that results in a small hematoma,
minor bruising and swelling. All in all, it comes to fast recovery.

It is easy to reshape the crease.
This surgical method leaves no extra incision.
If you want to have your eyes back to normal or have it changed, simply untie burried knot or redo the procedure. 

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