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Achieve slimmer V-LINE

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Procedure time Within 1 ~ 2 hours
Anesthesia General anesthesia
Hospitalization 1 day admission
Removal of stitches 2 weeks later
Outpatient treatment
Recovery time 1 week
What is One-piece V  Line surgery?

The surgery provides good front-look effect giving a small and slim look
because the large part of square jaw is excised at once.

 It separates cortical bone, the big and thick bone
 ranging from under the ears to chin, into one piece.
 The piece should not be broken, so high technique is 
 The operation time is shorter than existing jaw
 reduction  surgeries, so there is little swelling after the
 surgery and it allows fast recovery.
 The surgery gives a satisfactory result giving beauty
 with safety. It gives better front-look effect as well
 we smoother and softer jaw line then existing square
 jaw surgery.
Good candidates

Big and angulated face
Thick bones with wide jaw line
Long chin or asymmetric jaw
Wide and angulated lower jaw

Special story of Fix me up project team

We look for the best hospitals for an operation and monitor each facility’s service, satisfaction, and every case of the customers to ensure that we provide the surgery at the best condition and the lowest cost.

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Achieve slimmer V-LINE