Why Wonjin is different?

Facial bone contouring

  •  Wonjin Plastic surgery
  • Surgery price : Decision after consultation

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Procedure time 30minutes~1hour
Anesthesia Local anesthesia (sleep anesthesia)
Hospitalization No hospitalization
Removal of stitches not needed
Outpatient treatment none
Recovery time It is possible to live everyday life
Complex Facial bone contouring
Surgery Information:
Duration   : 2hrs ~ 2hr 30 mins
Anesthesia   : General
Hospitalization   : over night stay
Stitch Removal   : 1~2 weeks later
Treatment   : 2~3 times
Recovery   : Daily activities after 1 week
  WONJIN’s surgery process
The first visit day Examination
Face photos, X-ray

Surgery planning
Through the consultation with a doctor, choose
The most suitable surgical procedures and book operation date.

Ready for surgery Preoperative examinations
Chest X-Ray, ECG, blood test 

Precise analysis & Thorough surgery simulation
4D diagnostic exam system such as 3D-CT, Simulation Operation Prediction Program etc.,
set up to minimize the chance of errors by locating the nerves, blood vessels, soft tissues,
and of course facial bone structures correctly before surgery.

Operating Accurate operating with know-hows.
Plastic surgery, maxillofacial, dentistry and anesthesiology specialists perform cooperative surgical operation devoting to performing emergency medical care

Fine the EGG LINE that fits your face!
If you want slender face?
Shiny U line complex facial bone contouring
For chin with normal length
and width wide jaw under the ears

If you want sharp face line?
Shiny V line complex facial bone contouring
Wide and developed square chin
reduction of square jaw and chin drawing long curve!
Recudtion square jaw and T ostectomy at the same time!

Special story of Fix me up project team

We look for the best hospitals for an operation and monitor each facility’s service, satisfaction, and every case of the customers to ensure that we provide the surgery at the best condition and the lowest cost.

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Facial bone contouring