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Eyes Re-operation

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Eyes Re-operation

Plastic surgeries are becoming more common and no other thing may influence the results of your surgery as strongly as the doctor’s level of experience. Finding a cosmetic surgeon you have confidence in is very important to avoid re-operation in case you have odd shape of eyes, nose which requires more than one surgery. If you are not satisfied with surgical outcomes, you will consider reoperation and it costs money and brings you physical and psychological impacts.

REAL’s reoperation for the correction, is recommended for the patients who don’t expect positive effects with one surgery, difficulty in finding right shape for the face, have been refused by other hospitals for reoperation.

Upper blepharoplasty surgery
REAL recommendation
fat injection
1. By fill the sunken area to restore volume,
    it achieves desired appearance. 
    Fat can be removed from the abdomen, thighs or other areas and
    after the purification process, 
    pure fat is injected back into the patient.
2. Dermal fat grafting with a tiny incision

Upper blepharoplasty surgery
The skin loses its elasticity and the muscles slacken with age. It makes face look old and the eyelids make forehead wrinkles. The surgery can be performed to reduce droopy or hooded eyelids. In the early stage of skin aging, the eyelids look smaller than before, and the eyes are easily prickled by eyelashes and be bloodshot eyes with tears. The surgery allows beautiful and healthy eyes with elasticity improvement by correction of eye shape in early aging process of eyelids.
1. Measure sagging upper eyelids.
2. Perform local anesthesia then remove sagging eyelids
3. Remove fat and trim muscle
4. Suture the eyelids.

blepharoplasty surgery – incision under near the eyebrows
It improves the skin by lifting the upper eyelids just under the eyebrows and achieves natural double eyelids without any change. A little bit of swelling may occurs and it allows fast recovery. Scar is invisible under the eyebrows.  
1. Make incision under the eyebrows.
2. Lift drooping eyelids.  




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