3 Step Perfect Liposuction

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Procedure time Within 1 ~ 2 hours
Anesthesia Sleep (partial) anesthesia
Hospitalization No hospitalization
Removal of stitches 1 week later
Outpatient treatment none
Recovery time It is possible to live everyday life
STEP 1 Accusculpt
It delivers laser directly into the skin and dissolves fat.  
-simultaneous effective firming of the skin over the area of the lipolysis - giving a lifting effect

STEP 2 Liposuction
Dr. Park uses his quick and sensitive manipulation skill.

It uses water pressure for the removal of fats and the skin in the treated areas will be smooth and even shape, with no lumpiness.
Water jet works gently to detach stubborn fat without causing excessive swelling or bruising, bleeding and tissue damage.
3 Step Perfect Liposuction procedure (Abdomen)


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3 Step Perfect Liposuction