Eye Plasty for middle aged women – upper eyelid ptosis surgery,

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Upper eyelid ptosis surgery?
Upper eyelids may become droopy as part of the aging process. The eyelid skin stretches, muscles weaken and makes old look and Looking tired face.

▶ Sleepy appearance
▶ Droopy eyelids obstruct your vision
▶ Wrinkles around the eyes
▶ Double eyelid became narrower
Resolves eyes’ aesthetic and functional discomfort
Drooping upper eyelids make you look old and covers parts of the eyes and eyelashes turn or roll inward towards the eye which can interfere with your vision. It can be resolved by the surgery.
Prevention of expression wrinkles
You habitually use the muscles of forehead to open the eyes that are not opened fully due to droopy upper eye lids and it will make your impression strong. It allows you full vision without using forehead muscle to open the eyes so it is very effective for prevention of expression wrinkles.
Complete young and beautiful eyes
If double eyelid surgery is applied on droopy eyes, sagging skin might cause the lines to be unsutured or other problems. Upper eyelid ptosis surgery makes an incision on sagging skin then make eye lines naturally.

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Eye Plasty for middle aged women – upper eyelid ptosis surgery,