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Venus laser ?

Venus Upping laser drills a fine hole and makes a way for laser enter into the skin.  It is directly shooting the laser to the fat with its tip of laser entering into fat layer inside the skin. It destroys the fat layer without any suction. Also by stimulating inner skin, activating the formation of collagen and elastin, enables to have healthy and elastic skin conditions.

It creates beautiful body line without incision and liposuction breaking down enough fat layers and helps lipolysis and revive volume.
Advantage is facial wrinkles removal effects and is safe without having any damage or side effects. Non incision surgical method allows short duration for surgery,
30 minutes, and daily life right after the surgery. it is KFDA-certified and effective for removal of wrinkles on forehead, lower eyes, upper lips and revision of loose body skin such as double chin, stretch marks and sites for hip up.




Applicable areas (body line)
of HERSHE VS Lift using Venus laser






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