Face lift + Facial fat grafting

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Procedure time Lifting (1 to 2 hours) + Fat transplant (1 hour)
Anesthesia Sleep anesthesia
Hospitalization Lifting (1 day admission) + Fat transplantation (None)
Removal of stitches Lifting (7 ~ 10 days) + Fat transplantation (7 days)
Outpatient treatment
Recovery time 7 to 10 days


 FACE LIFT (High SMAS Facelift)

    Good candidates

- Who wishes to improve overall facial wrinkles
- Who has sagging in neck and cheeks
- Who had an ineffective lift previously
- Who wants to have long lasting effects
- Who found her/himself hard to expect the effect of thread lift
  due to ageing process

    Surgery information

 Anesthesia: general            

 Surgery duration: 4 hours    

Hospitalization : not required   

Stitch removal: 10days after surgery

Recovery period: daily life 
                            after 7-10 days




1. Incision is made in front of the ear
   along the hair line

  2. SMAS tissue is removed all over the
     face area


3. Rest of the layers and skin is lifted and tightened so that it is fixed.
   The incision is sutured.

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Face lift + Facial fat grafting