Accessory Breast Removal

Breast Surgery

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  • ราคาศัลยกรรม : KRW 1,500,000

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เวลาสำหรับการผ่าตัด 1 hour
วีธีการใช้ยาชา General anesthesia
การรักษาตัวในโรงพยาบาล Required
การตัดไหม After 7 days
เวลาสำหรับการพักฟื้น 5~7 days
Breast Surgery

Accessory breast is the small breast between armpit and breasts. Usually, it is caused by two reasons: 1 reason – Naturally breast tissue grows abnormally, and then the additional breast organ is created near the armpit. 2 reason – It is caused by excessive fat around the armpit.

Accessory breasts cases:

case1. Lump under armpit case2. Armpit feels irritation before and after menstruation case3. Secretion creation under armpit


▶ For those who has lumps under armpits ▶ For those who has irritation in the armpit areas ▶ For those who has secretion in the armpit areas ▶ For those who wants a beautiful breast

The features and merit of this operation

▶ Complete removal of the accessory breast organ ▶ Liposuction around the breast organ ▶ 2 cm incision allows to make this procedure with minimal scars

about the clinic

01 Beautiful curve - We design a beautiful body line 02 Outstanding artistry – We design with distinguished artistic technical skills 03 Naturalism – We pursuit a naturally aesthetic process 04 Genuine effort 05 Guarantee – We ensure that the appointed doctor will provide the patient’s care from start to finish (Consultation, surgery, recovery, privacy protection) ▶Renown specialists in each surgical field ▶BongBong’s outdated medical equipment With our high-tech medical equipment. We serve efficient and safe medical treatment to our clients. Especially, before surgery 3D CT will give a virtual image of after surgery so that the clients can decide surgeries like nose or breast surgery. We can simulate not only facial images but also overall body before surgery.

about the doctor

Dr. Seongsu Park • Plastic Surgeon • Member, the Korean Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Association • Member, the Korean Society of Stem Cell Fat Plastic Surgeons • Member, the International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science • Member, the Research Association of Breast Plastic Reconstructive Surgery • Member, the International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery • Member, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery • Medical Counselor of Breast Plastic Surgery for MENTOR • Medical Counselor of Breast Plastic Surgery for MOTVA

services & cautions

▶ Airport / Hospital / Hotel Pick-up Service (Paid / free of charge with 3 or more purchasers) ▶ Hotel reservation service around the hospital (Free of charge for the reservation service/ Payment in person at the hotel) ▶ Interpretation and Guide (Extra charge for the service) ▶ You can have an appointment with the doctor after payment. In case of cancellation due to personal reasons inevitably after payment, The following refund policies apply.



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