Breast augmentation "Magic Peach"

Magic Peach

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  • ราคาศัลยกรรม : KRW 9,450,000

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เวลาสำหรับการผ่าตัด 30 min - 1 hour
วีธีการใช้ยาชา General
การรักษาตัวในโรงพยาบาล Not required
การตัดไหม Not required
บริการผู้ป่วยนอก Not required
เวลาสำหรับการพักฟื้น 3-4 days
what is the Magic Peach?

As the inspirer round implant is used from the upper part of the breast to the down part of the tear drop line, the volume will not be missed and this is the wise breast surgery method. It is suitable to people who want their upper part of the breast to be buxom. Making the Venus line with the special procedure method It has started since 2007 and registered at the patent and trademark office in 2013


▶ Those who want fullness on the upper breasts rather than worry about sagging breasts ▶ Those who want softer feeling of the implants ▶ Those who need ample cleavage and waterdrop shaped breast at the same time ▶ Those who want the breasts looking less saggy

Process for the surgery

The features and merit of this operation

▶Regular check After-surgery guarantee ▶Zero Scar project Scar relieve injection (Injection managing will be held after 1~3months from the surgery, every time if needed) Laser 5 times free (Available after 1month from the surgery ▶Swell special management Medical LED, high frequency, managing the ultrasonic waves ▶Breast implant guarantee system Provide the serial number which has the genuine product certification ▶Preventing medicine for capsular contracture, Scar ointment Prescription

about the clinic

Identify the ideal direction for the procedure, desired by the patient, through communication with the patient. Prepare a plan based on the diagnosis and know-how of a representative director. GLOVI promises the satisfactory outcome upon our extensive experiences and know-how, and assist with the post management afterward. Safety and convenience of our patients are our top concerns. We will return your favor with the satisfactory outcome. 1. Representative Director’s Responsibility System 2. Consistent Researches 3. Patent Applied for Micro Nano Suture ▶ Happy Grace With passion for specialty and customer satisfaction, We pursue the most effective performance and best results. ▶ Honest Grace Christian values and honesty in conscience is the basic principle in medical care and surgery in Grace.

about the doctor

The Chief Doctor, Moonseop Choi (Plastic surgery specialist) Board of plastic surgery, Catholic University, Medical College Advisory board, Seoul St’ Mary hospital Attending professor, Seoul St’ Mary Hospital Former chief of Sun-tec medical center, Shanghai, China Former department director of Gimcheon Jeil Hospital

services & cautions

▶ Airport / Hospital / Hotel Pick-up Service (Paid / free of charge with 3 or more purchasers) ▶ Hotel reservation service around the hospital (Free of charge for the reservation service/ Payment in person at the hotel) ▶ Interpretation and Guide (Extra charge for the service) ▶ You can have an appointment with the doctor after payment. In case of cancellation due to personal reasons inevitably after payment, The following refund policies apply.



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