PRP Injection

Platelet rich plasma

  •  Apgujeong Seoul Plastic Surgery
  • Surgery price : KRW 4,200,000


Procedure time 2 hours
Anesthesia Sedation anesthesia
Hospitalization Not required
Removal of stitches After 7 days
Outpatient treatment Once
Recovery time In 2 weeks
PRP injection

PRP injection is a treatment that rejuvenates and improves skin damaged by photoaging and various factors. it has been actively used throughout the beauty and cosmetics field in Asia, including Europe and Japan. Unlike filler procedures or botox injecting materials such as collagen or hyaluronic acid into the skin, it is possible to separate platelets, growth factors and cytokines that regenerate the skin from their own blood, deeply acting on the skin, preventing acne, acne scarring, skin diseases such as wrinkle, freckle, pigment, etc. it can help with hastening skin reproduction.

what is PRP?

It is an abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is the most plentiful part of platelet at the bottom of plasma which you get after its use of centrifugal separator. Platelets contained in PRP help blood coagulation, regeneration of the skin, wound healing, and hair loss.


▶ The person whose face is plain and looks flat ▶ If you are suffering from acne scars ▶ If you want to improve uneven skin tone and blemishes ▶ If you want to improve elasticity of the skin

Process for the surgery

- Take unnecessary fat from the body such as the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. - Separation of pure fat and stem cells - Pure fats and stem cells are transplanted together at the required site

The features and merit of this operation

▶ Good engraftment capacity and angiopoiesis ▶ Available up to 2 times ▶ Transplant fat and stem cells together ▶ Promotion of fat adhesion, blood vessel, and cholesterol production

about the clinic

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about the doctor

Dr.Min-gu, Lee - Resident at the Plastic Surgery Department of Seoul National University Hospital(SNUH) - Doctor at the Plastic Surgery Department of SNUH - Former head of the Plastic Surgery Department of SMG - SNU Boramae Medical Center - Former head of the COREA Plastic Surgery, Beijing, China - Current member of the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons - Current member of the Korea Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Current member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Consulting doctor at the Plastic Surgery Department of SNU - Medical doctor at the Plastic Surgery Department of SNUH

services & cautions

▶ Airport / Hospital / Hotel Pick-up Service (Paid / free of charge with 3 or more purchasers) ▶ Hotel reservation service around the hospital (Free of charge for the reservation service/ Payment in person at the hotel) ▶ Interpretation and Guide (Extra charge for the service) ▶ You can have an appointment with the doctor after payment. In case of cancellation due to personal reasons inevitably after payment, The following refund policies apply.

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Platelet rich plasma