Nose bridge + Nose tip surgery

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  • ราคาศัลยกรรม : KRW 4,000,000

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เวลาสำหรับการผ่าตัด 30 minutes
วีธีการใช้ยาชา Sedation anesthesia
การรักษาตัวในโรงพยาบาล Not required
การตัดไหม After 3~5 days
Nose birdge + Nose tip


what is the grand's Nose surgery?



▶ If you want surgery that the tip of nose does not get dangle or lowered even after a long time ▶ If you want surgery that can adjust the length of the nose and the shape of the nostrils ▶ If you want to control the shape of columella nasi ▶ Those who care about the line that connects naturally from the forehead to the nose ▶ If you want a design that matches the ideal nose angle and height to your feature

The features and merit of this operation

▶ Through the nose surgery, you can use nasal septal cartilage or chest bone to make your nose sharper effectively including the tip of the nose. In this case, it also makes philtrum looks higher, which can improve the protruded lips creating a more natural sideline. ▶ It has the effect of alleviating and correcting the lantern jaw. ▶ If the mouth looks protruded for the low philtrum, the nose operation will improve it to be looked more natural giving a gentle impression. ▶ By accurately analyzing designing nose bridge and tip, Nose bridge and nose tip surgery makes the face looking smaller and three-dimensional ▶​By fitting and shaping the bridge and tip area together will make it look more natural and beautiful, plus getting bridge and tip surgery together will save up to 30-40% reduction in the cost so you will have more satisfaction with the surgery

about the clinic

▶ Medical services provided at the hospital level ▶ A waiting room with a view of the Han River where the patient can feel a sense of security. ▶ ONE-STOP medical service connected organically at all floors

about the doctor

Rhee Se Whan Plastic surgeon Master &Bachelor degree, school of Medical, Hanyang University. Specialist, hanyangPlastic Surgery, Medical Hanyang University. Adjunct Professor, Plastic Surgery, Medical Center, Hanyang University. Member of The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Member of The Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Member of Korean Cleft Lip and Palate Association. Member of The Korean Society for Microsurgery. Member of The Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand. Member of The Korean Society for Hair Surgery Association.

services & cautions

▶ Airport / Hospital / Hotel Pick-up Service (Paid / free of charge with 3 or more purchasers) ▶ Hotel reservation service around the hospital (Free of charge for the reservation service/ Payment in person at the hotel) ▶ Interpretation and guide (Extra charge for the service) ▶ You can have an appointment at the doctor's after payment. In case of cancellation due to personal reasons inevitably after payment, The following refund policies apply.



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