Square jaw reduction

"V line" Square jaw reduction

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  • Surgery price : KRW 11,000,000

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Procedure time 2 hours
Anesthesia General anesthesia
Hospitalization One day
Removal of stitches After 7~10 days
Outpatient treatment Required
Recovery time
what V line Squre jaw reduction?

A square Jaw indicates when a face seems square angles due to broad and angled mandibular bone. The angled bone underneath the ears may cause a broader look than its actual size. In this case we suggest Square Jaw reduction and can remove the angled jaw as well as the width of the frontal chin to make a slim face.


▶ If the face is wide and flat ▶ If you want to improve the image to be more gentle ▶ If you have the uneven face line for the prominent cheekbone ▶ If the cheek or the temple looks relatively hollow for the high cheekbone ▶ Overall flat face type, eyes, and nose are not conspicuous and flat. ▶ When you don't have regular features and want to improve it

Process for the surgery

1) In a horizontal osteotomy, divide the tip of lower jaw bone vertically into three equal parts. 2) Remove the plain, wide-looking bones in the middle. 3) Move the bones from both sides to inside and attach them to make a narrow facial feature.


▶ 3D facial structure diagnosis ▶ Decision on the surgical removal of the tip of lower jaw ▶ Finely carved amputation ▶ Slim V facial line with balance

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about the doctor

Rhee Se Whan Plastic surgeon Master &Bachelor degree, school of Medical, Hanyang University. Specialist, hanyangPlastic Surgery, Medical Hanyang University. Adjunct Professor, Plastic Surgery, Medical Center, Hanyang University. Member of The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Member of The Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Member of Korean Cleft Lip and Palate Association. Member of The Korean Society for Microsurgery. Member of The Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand. Member of The Korean Society for Hair Surgery Association.

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"V line" Square jaw reduction
"V line" Square jaw reduction