I was 64... I fought against cancer to survive

Mr. Go found out that he had a CANCER on a LATE STAGE

“I had a wife, which I didn’t want to leave alone...
 And my growing up grandchildren increased the desire inside me to live longer”

I knew it wasn’t easy, but I promised myself to make it through
3 days before Christmas...
He was lying on the operating table…
His wife and two children were waiting for his surgery.
They couldn’t do anything else. After the operation professor Yu Chang Sik came up with great news!

Trust me! If you follow me - we will make it!
Operation went well!
We removed the cancer!
“Take care of yourself until treatment is over.
 Trust me. If you follow me - we will make it”
Professor Yu Chang Sik,
Seoul Asan Medical Center

The word family means not only love, but something beyond
Almost 20 years passed after that surgery
This year he will be 82 y.o.
The fact that we can have dinner with our wives, take a walk and share our daily life is grateful and amazing.