Pregnancy is one of the most precious things to human. Conversely, infertility can cause for serious family feud. Recent hot interested in infertility treatment that just accomplished a meeting with the child and mom in the world. Kang Myung-ja, the Director of the conmaul hospital of oriental medicine tells about various stories.

In the years to come Oriental medical will need specialist, but why we hard to find at now?
 Western medical degree typically lasts six years, more than 80% of student graduate professional training.
But in Oriental medicine, only 20% of student graduate professional training. Because of trainee hospitals are very few. Also people appreciate that Oriental doctor treatment over all’s illness, so specialist of Oriental medicine is cannot see only one’s specialty. Therefore, less people become specialist of oriental medicine.

In a sense, you are so famous for the first woman in Korea to receive PhD in Oriental Medicine and note doctor of sterility treatment. What caused you to become specialist of sterility treatment?
Above all things, I’m woman. So I think studying to woman’s illness can easy to understand. When I young, see and grow up what father treatment sterility woman by oriental medicine, first became interested in sterility treatment.

Male infertility is becoming commonplace. Do you have any words for that?
I can explain two examples in this respect. First, the man’s quality of sperm is fells. These days more people are eating western food, stress, lack of exercise, exposure environmental hormone.
Second, man’s participation with respect to pregnancy is increase.  Only a few years ago, pregnancy is responsibility of woman. However awareness of man’s responsibility the widely publicized, people who receive checkup are increasing. 
A long time ago in oriental medicine, we already know that sperm’s condition is very important to pregnancy.  For treatment about this, we suggest oriental medicine and acupuncture for improve the quality of sperm. Oriental treatment was regarded as one of the best on the male infertility treatment.
Our treatment methods are Medicinal Asian acupuncture treatment, Asian ear acupuncture treatment, laser treatment are carried out in parallel based on the herbal medicine, prescribed to help the function of spleen and kidney and that releases liver congestion.
I have heard that special pregnancy formula in your hospital,  “- + ♡= BABY”, what do you mean by this?
For healthy pregnancy, we must make healthy body,
“- : by get rid of toxins in your body, energy will rehabilitate.
+ : and then to charge the insufficient energy   
♡ : sharing love 
BABY : Be sure you can get pregnant.“
This is natural and certain pregnancy formula of conmaul oriental hospital.

Please introduce to the success of the patient come from abroad.
Foreigners steadily visit. We don’t know they how know us. We seem to foreigners think that oriental treatments are effective. Used to visit residing in Korea foreigners who Japanese, Chinese as well as Singapore, India, US, France. Memorable patient is the Singapore women. She diagnosed with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Once she has received an oriental treatment to try natural pregnancy. After 3 months, came the menstrual cycle returns to normal range. She’s finally success to natural pregnancy. After the birth, mother and child are doing well.